This Time with Alan Partridge

In a sentence? Alan Partridge is back an it’s “back of the net” for Steve Coogan’s loved character. For those of us who have grown up watching Alan Partridge, there is always the fear that the latest Alan broadcasting gig, might just be his last. He manages to bounce back, which is something that fans... Continue Reading →


Game of thrones season 8 episode 1 review!

So after the cliffhanger we were left on, what felt like an eternity ago. Game of thrones returns for its last season. A new intro for the final season, seems to be showcasing maybe how far the white walker army gets as the season progresses, and also with more internal showing of the places in... Continue Reading →

Apple doubles down on services

As predicted Apple yesterday announced a slew of services, doubling down on monthly subscriptions. Adding to that they announced an Apple Credit Card, one that is more secure, has no late fees BUT it's only available in the US. First up was a News and magazine service, Apple News+ a service that will include more... Continue Reading →

The best upcoming TV shows of 2019

We have barely entered into 2019 and there are already a few TV shows that are either new or returning, these are the best of them. Killing Eve Series 2 - After the first series I thought that it would be really difficult for anyone to top it, however after watching the trailer (and then re-watching... Continue Reading →

Sex education season 1 review

Sex education is a refreshing new comedy drama from Netflix which gives you the truth about sex in hilarious form as let's face it we all don't start off experts in the bedroom with many things to learn from they are awkward mistakes to be made and sex education certainly treads on a lot of... Continue Reading →

YOU – Netflix original series

YOU is a Netflix thriller series that you won't be able to stop watching while at the same time questioning social media, should you really be posting as much information about yourself online? That holiday photo in Hawaii, the night out with friends at the local bar, the picture you just took while at the... Continue Reading →

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