YOU – Netflix original series

YOU is a Netflix thriller series that you won't be able to stop watching while at the same time questioning social media, should you really be posting as much information about yourself online? That holiday photo in Hawaii, the night out with friends at the local bar, the picture you just took while at the... Continue Reading →


Luther’s back and he’s on top form

It's been a while since we last saw Luther on our TV screens (2015 to be exact), lets be honest that wasn't exactly the best series, if indeed you can even call two episodes a series. now 2019 and we have been treated to four new episodes in series 5, boy have they come out... Continue Reading →

Top 3 TV shows of 2018

It's been another great year for TV shows, some turned out to be not so good while others turned out to be even better than expected. Here are my top 3 TV shows of 2018. Killing Eve #1  Killing Eve surpassed all expectations and surprised everyone with it's dark humour and great plotlines, not to... Continue Reading →

The house of haunted hill review

Based off a Shirley Jackson novel with the same name comes what Netflix promises to be a terrifying and emotional ride and has been described quite frequently online as a show like this is us but with a gothic twist. The show centres around the crane family, switching back and forth the timeline of when... Continue Reading →

The Cry Review

Bbcs new drama after the sucess of thier latest drama, the bodyguard, comes a story of a grief sticken couple whos baby is kidnapped in australia and copying with the world looking in on them as they stuggle to find our what happened to thier baby. What follows is a story about the angusih of... Continue Reading →

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