Gotham: Season 3 Review

Considering the fact that I was not really hyped for this season, hell I didn't even watch it until it came on Netflix, kind of says what the state of my enthusiasm for this TV show has become. But I have now watched it, as I have said before, better late than never so here... Continue Reading →


Doctor Foster

However you choose to look at it, Doctor Foster series 1 was a hit, viewer numbers reached 10 million during the five episode series. Critics raved about it in droves and it’s clear to see why, the domestic noir which shows a glimpse into everyday life (work, home life and fun) with a brilliant performance... Continue Reading →

GOT7: The Dragon and the Wolf review

A lot happened in this episode, so a little different from my previous I will break them down. The first half of the episode very politically charged, negotiations, Tyrion going to see his 'murderous' sister Cersei alone, and hoping not to die, the meeting of the two sides before that. All of these things is... Continue Reading →

GOT 7 – The Best Episode Yet?

Wow is just one of the words that springs to mind after watching the latest episode, it may well be one of (if not the) best episode yet. There was a lot going on in the episode, humour (the Hound never fails to make me laugh) suspense, drama and even a little romantic intrigue (for... Continue Reading →

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