Atypical season 2 quick review

Not your average American comedy show on Netflix atypical stands alone as a show that not only is sensitive in the way it handles someone with Aspergers ,but continues to be a great show, full of laughter, and some drama, whilst showing us how Sam deals with everyday things like a sleepover, relationships and having... Continue Reading →


Big Bang Theory is ending – It’s about time

This is not a review it's a short opinion piece that some of you may agree with while others may not. When the news broke that the twelve series would be it’s last i gave a sigh of relief, it’s not that i hate the series, in fact i was a big fan of the... Continue Reading →

Orange is the new black season 6 review

Warning this review may contain spoilers. Season 6 picks up where season 5 left us with prisoners piper, taystee, red, gloria ,cindy, nicki,daya and flaca in litchfield max being quesioned on the riot and the accidental death of prison officer desi piscatella. It is very clear that this is not the nicest place to be... Continue Reading →

Marlon – A Netflix show

Marlon is a TV series set around the main character of yea you guessed it…Marlon an inappropriate father who is forced to coparent with his complete opposite and now ex-wife, the comedy is loosely “inspired” by the life of Marlon Wayans life.  In the first episode of the comedy we see Marlon try a friendly... Continue Reading →

Riverdale season 2 review

It's my most anticipated watch for this year , the second season of a show that last year took me by surprise with its usual teen popcorn drama mixed in with a mystery element that kept me hooked with its compelling characters and great storylines it's safe to say it was one my list of... Continue Reading →

13 reasons why season 2 review

Season 2 is set 5 months after Hannah's death, Hannah's mom is suing liberty high school for neglecting the fact that her daughter was being bullied and abused both physical and mentally all which led her to commit suicide. Each episode is based around each testimate of each of the main characters from the first... Continue Reading →

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