The World of Fire and Ice book review

Between the books and the TV show, there is a hell of a lot of merchandise available for Game of Thrones, or A Song of Fire and Ice and the series is more aptly called. So to do any blog piece on them is crazy, hence why I am first this: Before anyone asks, yes this... Continue Reading →


The DNA of Orphan Black – The Book

The book itself starts off with it's creators talking about how the idea for the show came about (I won't go into spoilers) it also details how the two creators had met previously and how the initial idea for the show had begun years ago.  what's interesting is the details in which it goes into,... Continue Reading →

Stranger things pop vinyls at HMV 

Stranger things has become an overnight success for Netflix and was one of my favourite original Netflix shows from last year alongside Jessica jones and orange is the new black. I loved how's this show creates show a creepy and scary atmosphere with 80s retro nostalgia. Yesterday I was in Birmingham with Emmy partner, my... Continue Reading →

The Blacklist Pop Vinyls

There are currently two of these Pop Vinyls from the show, both are impressive in their detail, while they might not be exact likeness there is no denying who these Pop Vinyl's are supposed to be. Ramond Reddington has his signature hat and glasses, while Elizabeth Keen sports her black suit, dark coloured hair (from... Continue Reading →

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