It’s A Mac Thing

This topic is going to be controversial for some people, but keep in mind that this is an opinion and you may very well disagree which is fine. The PC side of people will say things like “Why would anyone buy a Mac?” it’s a question that i can understand from people who have never... Continue Reading →


iPhone X (Ten)

There have been few consumer products that have been as popular or had the impact that the iPhone has had over last decade, it all kicked off with the original which took an interface that was easy to use but on top of that it was a joy to use, a few years later and... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s Note 8 event just finished and to say it was underwhelming is an understatement, the thing is they had an opportunity with the Note 8 to make up for last years disaster that was the Note 7 and they didn’t (except for knocking some cash off the price of the Note 8 for those... Continue Reading →

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