MacOS Mojave Makes the Mac more IOS like

For a while now many tech pundits have fixated on how Macs are going to merge with IOS possibly creating a device like Microsofts Surface Pro, but as Apple’s new MacOS Mojave makes clear: they’re wrong, here’s why.  In 2015 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook pulled the tablecloth of expectations when he asked in an interview... Continue Reading →


Apple’s March 27th Education event – What to expect

Apple is having a spring event this year and for the first time since 2012 it will be focused on education, the biggest departure is that the event won’t be held on Apple’s own campus, instead it will be taking place at the Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. The media have been... Continue Reading →

Samsung S9 and S9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was announced by Samsung, once again it was a lacklustre event in which Samsung copied features from Apple, this time from the iPhone X both from Face ID and Animoji features that Apple announced last September (2017). Facial recognition and iris scanning are used to unlock the device, the Animoji style... Continue Reading →

HomePod: Music to your ears

It was around six years ago that Apple decided to start looking at making a speaker that could be placed most anywhere in the home, would be very simple to set up and sound great no matter where in a room it is placed. After years of challenges and needing to get it just right... Continue Reading →

It’s A Mac Thing

This topic is going to be controversial for some people, but keep in mind that this is an opinion and you may very well disagree which is fine. The PC side of people will say things like “Why would anyone buy a Mac?” it’s a question that i can understand from people who have never... Continue Reading →

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