Killing Eve Series 2 – The best damn show on TV

It’s no easy feat to create a fresh, dramatic, and funny show that millions of people not only enjoy but love to watch. That’s exactly what Phoebe Waller Bridge did with the first series of Killing Eve, now it’s back with series 2 and it’s just a brilliant.  If you haven’t heard about the first... Continue Reading →


WWDC – What Apple needs to do

This years WWDC is 4 weeks away, we have already seen leaks and information about what to expect. WWDC is often software related, sometimes we see sprinkles of hardware (2017 saw a big product update). Here's what we are expected to see: Dark Mode for IOS - something that people have been asking for, after... Continue Reading →

Apple’s Marzipan 2019 update

Last year at WWDC Apple announced a framework that will allow developers and Apple to bring IOS apps to the Mac. Apple has no interest in merging both IOS and MacOS together, instead they created "Marzipan" Apple announced Marzipan at last years WWDC (2018). It was announced as a "multi-year project" that they are working... Continue Reading →

Apple Streaming Service

The first Apple event fo the year is rumoured to be later this month (March 25th), however rumours are saying there will be no physical products, instead Apple are rumoured to be unveiling more services in the form of a video streaming service and a News subscription service.  For a few years now Apple have... Continue Reading →

Apple’s 2019 product rumours

It's only January and yet Apple leaks and rumours are starting to trickle out, just what can we expect from Apple in 2019, and will it be better than 2018? I really hope so. iPad Mini 5 - according to recent rumours and reports the iPad Mini will be getting an update, this is rumoured... Continue Reading →

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