A Surface Pro 6 review

I have been using the Surface Pro 6 for the last couple of weeks, and to say I'm surprised is an understatement. Just to be clear I'm surprised in a good way, it wasn't to long ago that I was against the idea of a 2 in 1 device, what were Microsoft thinking when they... Continue Reading →


Surface Pro 6 – The device that CAN replace you’re laptop

As a long time Apple fan I never thought I would leave the ecosystem, iPad Pro was my main machine for 2 generations (2015 iPad Pro and then the 2017 version), everyday it would be my go to tablet, that was until Apple's customer service took a nose dive* In a weird sort of way... Continue Reading →

Surface Pro – a reason for the switch

For many years I have been an Apple fan, not for no reason but because their products represented quality, reliability and an ecosystem that others could only dream to replicate. I have spent thousands of pounds over those years, iPhones, Mac's, iPad's and more recently the Apple Watch, however after a frustrating experience that was... Continue Reading →

Is Microsoft becoming the new Apple?

On Tuesday 2nd October, Microsoft announced a range of new devices, at first they seem like refinements (which isn't a bad thing), they showed off Windows updates and a new product that no one saw coming, a set of noise-canceling Surface headphones that come with Microsofts digital assistant Cortana built inside.  While Apple still has... Continue Reading →

State of the Mac

It was just a few weeks ago that Apple announced the first update to the Mac lineup for this year (July 2018) in that time we have seen a number of reports that mention issues, the thermal throttling being one and now the crackling of the MacBook Pro’s speakers seems to be another. To Apple’s... Continue Reading →

Does Apple need a Surface rival?

A lot of Apple’s success is fixed in the fact that it perfects products that have already been proven to be a success (Personal Computers, Phone’s, Smart watches and so on) rather than making a slew of concepts, throwing them at the wall and seeing what sticks (pretty much what Samsung and Microsoft do). Microsoft,... Continue Reading →

MacOS Mojave Makes the Mac more IOS like

For a while now many tech pundits have fixated on how Macs are going to merge with IOS possibly creating a device like Microsofts Surface Pro, but as Apple’s new MacOS Mojave makes clear: they’re wrong, here’s why.  In 2015 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook pulled the tablecloth of expectations when he asked in an interview... Continue Reading →

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