Macbook Pro Touch Bar

In a world that now includes hybrid laptops with Touch-screens, it was only a matter of time before Apple answered back and the rumour mill was in overdrive about it. As it turned out the answer was a small touch-sensitive colour screen that replaces the row of function keys (don't worry they are still available... Continue Reading →

Apple’s HomePod

My phone of choice is an iPhone 7 Plus, in my house we use the Apple TV, iPad’s and Mac’s so you could say that i’m deep in the Apple ecosystem and you would be right, so when the HomePod starts shipping later this year i will be ordering one, but why? well i already... Continue Reading →

iPad Pro 2nd generation

It was September 2015 when Apple unveiled the iPad Pro 12.9" the tablet that could replace a PC. I have personally been using one ever since and while it hasn't replaced my Mac (I still use my iMac on a daily basis) it has dramatically reduced the usage of my MacBook Pro. Now here we... Continue Reading →

WWDC 2017

Apple’s yearly software event was this year jam packed with not only new software features but also new products and updates to Apple products across the board. What Apple announced: IOS 11 - with a lot of features for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, that move the tablet even closer to being a laptop... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong With Samsung?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has barely been announced, and yet there is an issue with the device, granted it isn't even on the same scale as the problems they had with exploding Note 7’s from last year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has removed the fingerprint reader and opted to put it on the back of... Continue Reading →

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