Goosebumps 2: haunted halloween quick review

Following on from 2015 movie goosebumps, goosebumps 2 is the annoying sibling you never really asked for, copying everything you do in an irritating way but yet you still love them anyway. This movie lacks any sort of originality with the same cheesy scares and even cheesier lines and for some reason, slappy suddenly turned... Continue Reading →


First man review

Award-winning director Damien Chezelle first man is the true story and biopic of Neil Armstrong and the story of NASA's mission for mankind to walk the moon. The road to the end mission is a bumpy one as the movie opening scenes show Neil crashing into the Mojave desert as he bounces off the atmosphere... Continue Reading →

A star is born review

It's a story that has been told three times already about two singers falling in love and rise and fall of fame. This time Bradley Cooper has taken on the story in his directorial debut bringing lady gaga on board as his co-star. It all starts when Jackson spots the beautiful talented ally at a... Continue Reading →

Halloween 2018 review

Its been a long time coming for a decent halloween sequel, with several sequels failing to live up to the original 1978 movie, Micheal Myers was slowly becoming more of a joke than the terrifying shape that hides in plain sight awaiting his next victim. Then along comes this movie with its original director john... Continue Reading →

The happytime murders quick review

With a promising premise of an adult only puppet movie the happy time murders sound like it could have been a fun movie with puppets behaving badly and the plot of catching a killer, it had so much potential but yet this movie epically fails to be entertaining or even that interesting on every level.... Continue Reading →

Eighth grade review

Your teenage years might not always be so easy, as for some people those are the most awkward years of your life trying to fit in, to be cool, funny, and liked by others and for some of us that isn't as easy, especially when you as shy and timid as eighth-grader Kayla, who stumbles... Continue Reading →

The story and timeline of michael myers

Since his first appearance in the 1978 john carpenter movie Halloween Micheal Myers has been a staple household name for slasher horror movies from his trademark William Shatner star trek mask from a local hardware store for only €1.98 painted white to his iconic boiler suit look, Its a look that's very recognisable even today... Continue Reading →

Mamma Mia here we we go again review

Having loved the first movie for its delightful if not a little cheesy tone and its catchy ABBA tunes and likeable characters it fair to say I was hoping for the same the second time around with this movie. I can say that I was not disappointed at all, even though a sequel wasn't necessary... Continue Reading →

Deadpool 2 quick review

Xmens foul mouthed wise cracking anti hero is back and funnier than ever. Deadpool continues to fight crime taking down the bad guys one by one in his own unique way with a little wink to the camera breaking the forth wall with attitude. This time deadpool has decides to form a group of unlikely... Continue Reading →

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