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Quick Movie synopsis  Its the first chapter about a shape shifting killer clown who terrosises the kids of derry, praying on thier biggest fears, and feeding on them every 27 years and its all down to the losers club to save the kids of derry from becoming pennywise latest meal. Pennywise Let me start by... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Stephen King Horror Movies

There is no doubt in my mind that Stephen King is one of the best horror story writers out there right now and it's still one of my all time favourite authors, from the killer car Christine , a scary killer clown to a telekinetic shy girl who exacts revenge on her tormentors, this guy... Continue Reading →

Baby driver review 

Baby driver is a cool stylish action packed movie with a fresh soundtrack straight out of the headphones of one of baby's many different iPods, with a stellar cast ,and some edge of your seat car chases, this is a movie not to be missed this year.  Directed by Edgar Wright, the director that brought... Continue Reading →

The circle review 

Mae (Emma Watson) gets the opportunity to work at the worlds most powerful Technology and social media firm. Mae enjoys working up the ranks and soon catches the eye of the founder of the company, Eamon (Tom Hanks), that's when she soon comes to realise that this company no privacy technology has got major implications.... Continue Reading →

Before I fall review 

A modern day teenage Groundhog Day sees popular student sam living out the same day over and over again, after Sam and her friends crash their car after attending a party. Sounds like a boring plot but believe me there is so much more to the story than just reliving it every day, there's always... Continue Reading →

Miss Meadows review 

She's a homicidal Mary Poppins, talking to the birds like someone straight out of a Disney movie but with the style of a 1950s housewife. she has got all the qualities of a typical goody two shoes, she's polite and well mannered, a substitute primary school teacher, and loves to do gardening and knitting yet... Continue Reading →

To the bone review 

Lily Collins and Keane Reeves star in a movie about a woman named Eileen who is suffering from an eating disorder. I have seen some critics online describe this movie as corny and that it glamorises anorexia but having seen this movie myself  I have to disagree with them. I found this movie to be... Continue Reading →

Blair witch review 

Blair witch is the sequel to the 1999 horror movie the Blair witch project, unlike the terrible and cringeworthy follow up movie back in 2000, the book of shadows, this movie promises to bring back the nostalgia of the first movie, which terrified thier audience with thier clever marketing of the movie being 'real' found... Continue Reading →

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