A bad moms christmas review 

Mila kunis, Kristen bell and Kathryn hahn are back and this time they are taking down christmas. Fed up with all the stress that comes with being a mom at Christmas they decide they need to inject more fun into the festive season with some hilarious results. This involves getting wasted in a shopping mall,... Continue Reading →


Happy death day review 

Happy death day is another movie that takes on the concept of living the same day over and over again, except this time there is a masked killer to uncover, its like a mix between groundhog day and scream.  Jessica rothe is the main character in this movie who is a sorority girl having to... Continue Reading →


For anyone that has seen the trailers, of which nowadays we get 3 sometimes more, you will see an obvious Guardians of the Galaxy feel to this movie. A feeling that continues throughout this movie. One thing I will say immediately about this film is that you should definitely check it out, it is fun,... Continue Reading →

Ingrid goes west review 

It’s a modern day single white female with modern day technology.  Ingrid goes west takes on everything that is bad about today obsessed society, obsessed with everything online, with what we eat for dinner to our favourite things ,to every place and picture we are tagged in, our life is pretty much all over social... Continue Reading →

The Dark Tower Review

Based off a popular book series by stephen king , dark tower has got everything from portals to other worlds, to monsters and some fantastic characters. Its a mixture of science fiction and western with a bit of action thrown in there.  With the recent well deserved success of IT, the dark tower doesnt quite... Continue Reading →

Girls trip quick review 

Its the suprise hit of summer 2017 that is just as hilarious as it is moving.  With a strong female cast, crude humor and some very surprisingly touching moments girls trip is the comedy that will either have you laughing till it hurts one moment  then feeling all sentimental the next.  The movie centers around... Continue Reading →

IT review

Quick Movie synopsis  Its the first chapter about a shape shifting killer clown who terrosises the kids of derry, praying on thier biggest fears, and feeding on them every 27 years and its all down to the losers club to save the kids of derry from becoming pennywise latest meal. Pennywise Let me start by... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Stephen King Horror Movies

There is no doubt in my mind that Stephen King is one of the best horror story writers out there right now and it's still one of my all time favourite authors, from the killer car Christine , a scary killer clown to a telekinetic shy girl who exacts revenge on her tormentors, this guy... Continue Reading →

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