The story and timeline of michael myers

Since his first appearance in the 1978 john carpenter movie Halloween Micheal Myers has been a staple household name for slasher horror movies from his trademark William Shatner star trek mask from a local hardware store for only €1.98 painted white to his iconic boiler suit look, Its a look that's very recognisable even today... Continue Reading →


Mamma Mia here we we go again review

Having loved the first movie for its delightful if not a little cheesy tone and its catchy ABBA tunes and likeable characters it fair to say I was hoping for the same the second time around with this movie. I can say that I was not disappointed at all, even though a sequel wasn't necessary... Continue Reading →

Deadpool 2 quick review

Xmens foul mouthed wise cracking anti hero is back and funnier than ever. Deadpool continues to fight crime taking down the bad guys one by one in his own unique way with a little wink to the camera breaking the forth wall with attitude. This time deadpool has decides to form a group of unlikely... Continue Reading →

The Oscars 2018 predictions and the winners

Best picture My prediction: three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri Winner: The Shape Of Water Best actress My prediction: frances mcdormand, three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri Winner: frances mcdormand, three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri Best actor My prediction: Gary oldman, darkest hour Winner: Gary oldman, darkest hour Best supporting actor My prediction: Richard Jenkins, shape of... Continue Reading →

Call me by your name review

With a beautiful backdrop of Crema, Italy, set in the summer of 1983 is a subtle but also very passionate love story between two guys, it's a love that in those times would not be approved of but netherless the two guys are drawn to each other. Elio, a teenager who is the son of... Continue Reading →

Lady bird review

With the award season rapidly approaching there has been a lot of buzz surrounding this movie and has been on my list of movies to watch this year for a while, especially after watching the trailer it looks like a promising movie focusing on its characters and its main story, the story of what it's... Continue Reading →

Darkest Hour Quick Review

Another film that has the eye of the award ceremonies, and same as The Shape of Water, is rightly deserved, only this is for different reasons. The main on been the acting, it is rare to watch a film and one acting performance, whether male or female, they take near enough every scene they are... Continue Reading →

The disaster artist review

From the greatest bad movie ever made, the room, a movie that has a cult following,mainly because of its outrageous star who also wrote and directed the movie. Tommy Wiseau. If you not watched this movie I highly recommend you do as let's just say it is a experience. You don't necessarily need to watch... Continue Reading →

I Tonya review

I Tonya is about the story of figure skater Tonya Harding, who seemed to be the marmite of the figure skating world and was involved in a attack on fellow competitor Nancy Kerrigan that happened in 1994. Tonya suffers years of abuse, whether that's from her own mother, who pushes her to be the best... Continue Reading →

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