Apple vs Samsung! How they compare!

Samsung has announced theirs and Apple the same so the obvious thing to do is compare the two. When comparing the phones each has brought out, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus and the X for Apple and the S8 S8 plus and the Note 8 for Samsung. We will not just be comparing the specifications,... Continue Reading →


Gotham: Season 3 Review

Considering the fact that I was not really hyped for this season, hell I didn't even watch it until it came on Netflix, kind of says what the state of my enthusiasm for this TV show has become. But I have now watched it, as I have said before, better late than never so here... Continue Reading →

IT review

Quick Movie synopsis  Its the first chapter about a shape shifting killer clown who terrosises the kids of derry, praying on thier biggest fears, and feeding on them every 27 years and its all down to the losers club to save the kids of derry from becoming pennywise latest meal. Pennywise Let me start by... Continue Reading →

iPhone X (Ten)

There have been few consumer products that have been as popular or had the impact that the iPhone has had over last decade, it all kicked off with the original which took an interface that was easy to use but on top of that it was a joy to use, a few years later and... Continue Reading →

Doctor Foster

However you choose to look at it, Doctor Foster series 1 was a hit, viewer numbers reached 10 million during the five episode series. Critics raved about it in droves and it’s clear to see why, the domestic noir which shows a glimpse into everyday life (work, home life and fun) with a brilliant performance... Continue Reading →

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