Apple’s HomePod

My phone of choice is an iPhone 7 Plus, in my house we use the Apple TV, iPad’s and Mac’s so you could say that i’m deep in the Apple ecosystem and you would be right, so when the HomePod starts shipping later this year i will be ordering one, but why? well i already... Continue Reading →

Supernatural season 12 review 

The return of Mary whinchester  I was a little hesitant when I first saw mary back from the dead in the finale last season, I wasn't sure whether it would destroy supernatuals original story back where it all began with her ultimately death and the sole reason for johns whinchesters quest to find the demon... Continue Reading →

iPad Pro 2nd generation

It was September 2015 when Apple unveiled the iPad Pro 12.9" the tablet that could replace a PC. I have personally been using one ever since and while it hasn't replaced my Mac (I still use my iMac on a daily basis) it has dramatically reduced the usage of my MacBook Pro. Now here we... Continue Reading →

E3 2017

Well, the briefings are done, wrapped up and the announcements pretty much made. Now the dissection begins, what looked good, what impressed, what got the crowd off their feet, what poor, what makes us want more. Well, I hope to help with what I think hit all those spots, and what missed the mark completely.... Continue Reading →

Orange is the new black season 5 

Season 5 plot summary At  end of season 4 we see Daya pointing the gun that prison guard, Hump, had brought into the prison straight at him and surrounded by a load of other inmates and we were left wondering whether she shoot him or not? Well we didn't have to wait that long to... Continue Reading →

WWDC 2017

Apple’s yearly software event was this year jam packed with not only new software features but also new products and updates to Apple products across the board. What Apple announced: IOS 11 - with a lot of features for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, that move the tablet even closer to being a laptop... Continue Reading →

The Flash Season 3 Review

Excited, thrilling, thoroughly enjoyable, very much all of those descriptions can be used to describe the previous 2 seasons of this television show. Why, because they simply are enjoyable, they exactly the reason why DC TV shows have worked a lot more than the movies have, the time to flesh out the characters of heroes... Continue Reading →

Empire season 3 review

Ever since this shows second season aired this show has been losing a bit of its charm and season 3 whilst still a decent season seems lost it's way at bit and doesn't seem to hold up to the high standards of the first season, which demonstrated the pressure of being in the hip hop... Continue Reading →

House Of Cards Season 5 Review

You could almost say that change has come, and you can take that in any which way you like it, but when it comes to this show it most certainly has, new show runners most of all. But it is very much more than that, because with new show runners come new ideas, and some... Continue Reading →

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