Alien: Covenant quick review

Well, I was going to do a full review, but to put it, in a nutshell, I have very mixed feelings about his film. First off, no you do not need to see Prometheus to really understand what is going on. The film's main story is pretty simple and easy to follow and if you... Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Nine Nine series 4

Have you been watching Brooklyn Nine Nine? well you should, trust me it is easily one of the best comedy’s in recent years, easily eclipsing the now very disappointing Big Bang Theory (a show that use to be good but is now past its sell-by-date) and yet Brooklyn Nine Nine doesn't seem to get as... Continue Reading →

Big little lies review 

This latest hit mini series starring reese witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and shailene woodley based on the book with the same name by liane moriaty is a show that is conpleying and very addictive watch.  I was very excited to see this book, which I very much enjoyed reading come to life on the small screen... Continue Reading →

Born to Kill Channel 4 mini series

NOTE: The psychology aspect of this post was written based on notes and guidance from someone i know, i personally have no knowledge or professional link to psychology. This post also contains spoilers! you have been warned. Sam seems like a regular teenage boy, he’s polite, kind an helpful to his single mother who works... Continue Reading →

Riverdale season 1 review

Based on the comic books named Archie is CWs latest hit tv show that has been described as a cross between Dawson's creek and twin peaks, and I can see why. It's got the angsty teen drama of Dawson creek and one big murder mystery that suuroded the mojority of this season, like twin peaks... Continue Reading →

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