The happytime murders quick review

With a promising premise of an adult only puppet movie the happy time murders sound like it could have been a fun movie with puppets behaving badly and the plot of catching a killer, it had so much potential but yet this movie epically fails to be entertaining or even that interesting on every level.... Continue Reading →


Eighth grade review

Your teenage years might not always be so easy, as for some people those are the most awkward years of your life trying to fit in, to be cool, funny, and liked by others and for some of us that isn't as easy, especially when you as shy and timid as eighth-grader Kayla, who stumbles... Continue Reading →

Is Jake Paul really a sociopath?

The whole idea of a successful you tuber, actor and vine star like jake paul whos in the public eye and someone kids look up to with his 17 million fans who adore him, its quite scary to think that he could be potentially manipulating his young fans for his own personal gain but the... Continue Reading →

Is Microsoft becoming the new Apple?

On Tuesday 2nd October, Microsoft announced a range of new devices, at first they seem like refinements (which isn't a bad thing), they showed off Windows updates and a new product that no one saw coming, a set of noise-canceling Surface headphones that come with Microsofts digital assistant Cortana built inside.  While Apple still has... Continue Reading →

No Offence

It’s the first scene in the very first episode that sets the tone, Dinah is on her way home from a night out with her boyfriend, after an argument she kicks him out of the taxi “I’d rather have a wank” she replies setting the gritty but funny tone early on. Walking down the road... Continue Reading →

Atypical season 2 quick review

Not your average American comedy show on Netflix atypical stands alone as a show that not only is sensitive in the way it handles someone with Aspergers ,but continues to be a great show, full of laughter, and some drama, whilst showing us how Sam deals with everyday things like a sleepover, relationships and having... Continue Reading →

The story and timeline of michael myers

Since his first appearance in the 1978 john carpenter movie Halloween Micheal Myers has been a staple household name for slasher horror movies from his trademark William Shatner star trek mask from a local hardware store for only €1.98 painted white to his iconic boiler suit look, Its a look that's very recognisable even today... Continue Reading →

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