Not Going Out – Renewed for THREE more series

Not Going Out is a popular sitcom that's written and starting Lee Mac. In the earlier series, Lee lived with his landlady Lucy, it was clear from pretty early on that the two of them liked each other, this is where a lot of the comedy came from, often including misunderstandings, mishaps and many other... Continue Reading →


Veep – A funny political satire

From the first scene, this political series hits the ground running, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Senator Selina Meyer has turned Vice-President (that’s why it’s called Veep). The show rises and falls on the power of Lous-Drefus, stalking the corridors of power and relying on despising her staff in equal measure. Selina often looks fabulous, flipping between... Continue Reading →

What/if quick review

What if takes the storyline of indecent proposal and makes it into a daytime soap drama curtsey of Netflix and starring Renee zellwegger and Jane levy with plenty of relationship drama and predictable storylines and some one dimensional characters, it's not of Netflix finest original series but it does have Renee who plays a powerful... Continue Reading →

WWDC – What Apple needs to do

This years WWDC is 4 weeks away, we have already seen leaks and information about what to expect. WWDC is often software related, sometimes we see sprinkles of hardware (2017 saw a big product update). Here's what we are expected to see: Dark Mode for IOS - something that people have been asking for, after... Continue Reading →

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