A Surface Pro 6 review

I have been using the Surface Pro 6 for the last couple of weeks, and to say I'm surprised is an understatement. Just to be clear I'm surprised in a good way, it wasn't to long ago that I was against the idea of a 2 in 1 device, what were Microsoft thinking when they... Continue Reading →


Creed 2 review

It is rare that a spin-off to a popular movie series works so well and reboots a classic movie series like the rocky movies, but the first creed movie showed us that the rocky story wasnt over yet, and gave us plenty of brilliant character development to help us root for Apollos creeds son in... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Chronicles review

Netflix has released a netflix orignal christmas movie just in time for the most festive time of the year and this time its kurt russell playing the jolly man himself santa claus, only this time he much more cooler sporting a full length red leather coat , cool gadgets and a sarcastic attitude, hes not... Continue Reading →

Bohemian rhapsody review

Bohemian rhapsody is no doubt a Freddie mercury biopic movie following Freddie from the 1970s to the 1980s from the start of a well known band, queen, to Freddie's relationships with Mary and Paul prenter. Recording their first album after selling their van and rising to top with their rock and roll orchestra style songs,... Continue Reading →

Surface Pro – a reason for the switch

For many years I have been an Apple fan, not for no reason but because their products represented quality, reliability and an ecosystem that others could only dream to replicate. I have spent thousands of pounds over those years, iPhones, Mac's, iPad's and more recently the Apple Watch, however after a frustrating experience that was... Continue Reading →

Bad times at the el royale review

From watching the trailer i was excited to see this movie as it seemed like pulp fiction , seemingly interesting characters, with a pinch of Agatha Christie style murder mystery thrown in there. The film does indeed embody the style of pulp fiction in its gorgeous 1960s decor and retro feel and its soulful songs... Continue Reading →

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