Goosebumps 2: haunted halloween quick review

Following on from 2015 movie goosebumps, goosebumps 2 is the annoying sibling you never really asked for, copying everything you do in an irritating way but yet you still love them anyway. This movie lacks any sort of originality with the same cheesy scares and even cheesier lines and for some reason, slappy suddenly turned... Continue Reading →


The house of haunted hill review

Based off a Shirley Jackson novel with the same name comes what Netflix promises to be a terrifying and emotional ride and has been described quite frequently online as a show like this is us but with a gothic twist. The show centres around the crane family, switching back and forth the timeline of when... Continue Reading →

First man review

Award-winning director Damien Chezelle first man is the true story and biopic of Neil Armstrong and the story of NASA's mission for mankind to walk the moon. The road to the end mission is a bumpy one as the movie opening scenes show Neil crashing into the Mojave desert as he bounces off the atmosphere... Continue Reading →

A star is born review

It's a story that has been told three times already about two singers falling in love and rise and fall of fame. This time Bradley Cooper has taken on the story in his directorial debut bringing lady gaga on board as his co-star. It all starts when Jackson spots the beautiful talented ally at a... Continue Reading →

The Cry Review

Bbcs new drama after the sucess of thier latest drama, the bodyguard, comes a story of a grief sticken couple whos baby is kidnapped in australia and copying with the world looking in on them as they stuggle to find our what happened to thier baby. What follows is a story about the angusih of... Continue Reading →

Making a murderer season 2

Following on from the success of the 2015 Netflix documentary series season 2 sadly just doesn't quite feel as interesting as the first season. I'm not saying its a terrible series, its far from that, it has its interesting and compelling theories on what might of happened to Theresa halback backed up by what little... Continue Reading →

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