Macbook Pro Touch Bar

In a world that now includes hybrid laptops with Touch-screens, it was only a matter of time before Apple answered back and the rumour mill was in overdrive about it. As it turned out the answer was a small touch-sensitive colour screen that replaces the row of function keys (don't worry they are still available... Continue Reading →

Chuck The TV series

Chuck is a series that first aired in 2007 and ended after 5 series in 2012, so this review is of a TV series that has now been finished for a few years. The premise of Chuck is very simple. Bryce Larking, a former college friend and roommate who is a CIA agent, steals an... Continue Reading →

Movies Announced At Comic-Con

Great news, Wonder Woman 2 is officially a go! It was officially announced at Comic-Con on Saturday, Warner Bros. revealed a sequel to the very successful Wonder Woman, of course Gal Gadot will reprise her role as Diana Prince in the sequel to the most profitable movie yer from the DC Universe. Of course a... Continue Reading →

GOT7: Stormborn review. 

The fire gets hotter as things begin to heat up nicely. All the puzzles are beginning to slide into place for the obvious big fight for westeros.  All of Cersei's enemies are muscling their positions into place. Jon invited to see Daenary's. Dorne and the Tyrells join up with her and Cersei is so desperate... Continue Reading →

Baby driver review 

Baby driver is a cool stylish action packed movie with a fresh soundtrack straight out of the headphones of one of baby's many different iPods, with a stellar cast ,and some edge of your seat car chases, this is a movie not to be missed this year.  Directed by Edgar Wright, the director that brought... Continue Reading →

GOT7: Dragonstone review

It is back! It starts with a bang and ends with the best way you could lay a hook for the rest of season. Starting with Arya basically exterminating the entirety of the Frey family dressed as Walder Frey to lure the entire family in and kill them via poisoning the wine they are drinking.... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones Returns: Reaction!

Game of Thrones has returned to our screens and people are generally quite happy about it, the Independent wrote that “it’s a thrill to have the show back and it looked more stunning than ever” The first episode of series 7 was aired in the U.S on Sunday evening and in the early hours of... Continue Reading →

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