Atypical season 2 quick review

Not your average American comedy show on Netflix atypical stands alone as a show that not only is sensitive in the way it handles someone with Aspergers ,but continues to be a great show, full of laughter, and some drama, whilst showing us how Sam deals with everyday things like a sleepover, relationships and having... Continue Reading →


The story and timeline of michael myers

Since his first appearance in the 1978 john carpenter movie Halloween Micheal Myers has been a staple household name for slasher horror movies from his trademark William Shatner star trek mask from a local hardware store for only €1.98 painted white to his iconic boiler suit look, Its a look that's very recognisable even today... Continue Reading →

State of the Mac

It was just a few weeks ago that Apple announced the first update to the Mac lineup for this year (July 2018) in that time we have seen a number of reports that mention issues, the thermal throttling being one and now the crackling of the MacBook Pro’s speakers seems to be another. To Apple’s... Continue Reading →

Orange is the new black season 6 review

Warning this review may contain spoilers. Season 6 picks up where season 5 left us with prisoners piper, taystee, red, gloria ,cindy, nicki,daya and flaca in litchfield max being quesioned on the riot and the accidental death of prison officer desi piscatella. It is very clear that this is not the nicest place to be... Continue Reading →

Mamma Mia here we we go again review

Having loved the first movie for its delightful if not a little cheesy tone and its catchy ABBA tunes and likeable characters it fair to say I was hoping for the same the second time around with this movie. I can say that I was not disappointed at all, even though a sequel wasn't necessary... Continue Reading →

Does Apple need a Surface rival?

A lot of Apple’s success is fixed in the fact that it perfects products that have already been proven to be a success (Personal Computers, Phone’s, Smart watches and so on) rather than making a slew of concepts, throwing them at the wall and seeing what sticks (pretty much what Samsung and Microsoft do). Microsoft,... Continue Reading →

MacOS Mojave Makes the Mac more IOS like

For a while now many tech pundits have fixated on how Macs are going to merge with IOS possibly creating a device like Microsofts Surface Pro, but as Apple’s new MacOS Mojave makes clear: they’re wrong, here’s why.  In 2015 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook pulled the tablecloth of expectations when he asked in an interview... Continue Reading →

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