Apple’s March 27th Education event – What to expect

Apple is having a spring event this year and for the first time since 2012 it will be focused on education, the biggest departure is that the event won’t be held on Apple’s own campus, instead it will be taking place at the Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. The media have been... Continue Reading →


Jessica Jones series 2, as intriguing as ever

The second series starts with the best possible thing it could have, Jessica Jones. The series gives us more of the complicated superhero (or anti-hero) and for most people that is a great thing. It’s easy to get lost out there in the world of super hero shows, there sure is a lot of them... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Discovery: Quick Review

Fun, engaging and downright enjoyable TV show. Whether you watched this on Netflix or in the USA on CBS. Either way, this show was fresh new Star Trek journey for all Trekkies and all those that are wondering what all the fuss was about. To put it simply, There is not a lot wrong with this... Continue Reading →

This Country series 2

From the moment that the first series ended last year I was hoping that This Country would be renewed for a second series, it was one of the funniest shows I had the pleasure of watching. Charlie Cooper and Daisy May’s mockumentary about life amount the young people in the Cotswolds balanced perfect moments of... Continue Reading →

The Oscars 2018 predictions and the winners

Best picture My prediction: three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri Winner: The Shape Of Water Best actress My prediction: frances mcdormand, three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri Winner: frances mcdormand, three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri Best actor My prediction: Gary oldman, darkest hour Winner: Gary oldman, darkest hour Best supporting actor My prediction: Richard Jenkins, shape of... Continue Reading →

Call me by your name review

With a beautiful backdrop of Crema, Italy, set in the summer of 1983 is a subtle but also very passionate love story between two guys, it's a love that in those times would not be approved of but netherless the two guys are drawn to each other. Elio, a teenager who is the son of... Continue Reading →

Samsung S9 and S9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was announced by Samsung, once again it was a lacklustre event in which Samsung copied features from Apple, this time from the iPhone X both from Face ID and Animoji features that Apple announced last September (2017). Facial recognition and iris scanning are used to unlock the device, the Animoji style... Continue Reading →

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