GOT 7 – The Best Episode Yet?

Wow is just one of the words that springs to mind after watching the latest episode, it may well be one of (if not the) best episode yet. There was a lot going on in the episode, humour (the Hound never fails to make me laugh) suspense, drama and even a little romantic intrigue (for... Continue Reading →

GOT7: Beyond the Wall review

HOLY SHIT! If ever a wrestling chant can be used to describe an episode, this is the episode I would use it on. The Night King finally appears properly, and he comes across as this cold, calculating, ruthless son of a bitch that knows exactly what they are doing when to do it and how... Continue Reading →

Orphan Black series 5 review

Episode one picks up the very same night that series 4 left off, Sara is wounded and making her way through the woods of the island after a gruesome standoff with Rachel. It's clear that it is Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena and most of their loved ones who are the drive behind the story for... Continue Reading →

GOT7: Eastwatch review

The finale set up episode, the final teaser for what is coming. That is what this episode screamed, this is coming, that is coming, teasing twists and turns that could happen in the final 2 episodes. It was slow paced at times, time felt it was going at a faster pace in this episode than... Continue Reading →

Atypical season 1 review 

Atypical is a show about a 18 year old named sam who is on the autism spectrum, and is trying to deal with teenage problems like trying to find a girlfriend, losing his virginity and hopefully finding love.  Atypical isn't the first show to tackle a serious subject like this, parenthood also had a young... Continue Reading →

GOT7: The Spoils of War review

Dracaras! All I can say after, yes the shortest episode but also one hell of a battle scene where we finally see some ass kicking from the dragons against the Lannisters. Daenerys finally goes on the attack in Westeros after basically sitting on her backside gloating about her achievement so far for 3 episodes. It... Continue Reading →

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