Detroit Become Human: Lets Have Less Controversy and More Choices

The game hasn’t even been released yet (that happens next year 2018) but it’s already managed to cause quite a stir in the media. The scene in particular sees the player take control of an Android called Kara who is a housemaid. Very drunk, the father of the household decides to take some rage out... Continue Reading →


F1 2017 review

For the first time in a long time, I decided this year to buy a game that comes out yearly 2 years in a row. It is normally a rule I do not if hardly break. For one reason and one reason only, they are usually so similar that you have to wait, 2-3 years... Continue Reading →

E3 2017

Well, the briefings are done, wrapped up and the announcements pretty much made. Now the dissection begins, what looked good, what impressed, what got the crowd off their feet, what poor, what makes us want more. Well, I hope to help with what I think hit all those spots, and what missed the mark completely.... Continue Reading →

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

So everyone knows I played this game on my own Xbox one, using a bought copy, no preview copies here. I need a thumb up icon right there. I clocked in at around 48 hours of gameplay up to this point, and I still have a few missions left over, but not many. So Andromeda,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On PSVR

The problem with the PSVR is that it can leave you thinking will there ever be something that isn't just a 20 minute experience? i wasn't so sure. The games are not full games, for example when playing London Heist it starts off well but lacks a full story and even a full game experience,... Continue Reading →

Watch Dogs 2

It's clear to see (for those that played the first Watch Dogs game) that this sequel has built upon what the first game got right. Watch Dogs 2 moves the franchise forward with open world missions and various ways to reach mission objectives. However I found that the character (Marcus) made cringe-worthy jokes and did not... Continue Reading →

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