E3 2017

Well, the briefings are done, wrapped up and the announcements pretty much made. Now the dissection begins, what looked good, what impressed, what got the crowd off their feet, what poor, what makes us want more. Well, I hope to help with what I think hit all those spots, and what missed the mark completely.... Continue Reading →


Apple Event 2016 (early thoughts)

The stand out points for Apple’s September event are clear, iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 and AirPod’s. Sure other announcements were made (iWork collaboration) Mario for iOS and the worst of all Pokemon Go! the latter i stare at in disbelief! The most controversial announcement of the event was always going to be the removal... Continue Reading →

E3 2016: What caught my eye

After watching, catching up and enjoying the press events at E3, all via Youtube I might add. I have rewatched trailers, gameplay footage and details regarding certain announcement that caught my eye, made me think about buying them in the future, whether at release or something when the price may fall, or even consider a... Continue Reading →

WWDC 2016

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is due to take place in a matter of hours. Unusually this year there have been very few rumours about what to expect. This can either mean one of two things, Apple have doubled down on secrecy, or there simply isn't much on the cards for the event. it’s worth... Continue Reading →

Sony At E3

Sony’s event will be taking place, June 14th 2am (UK time) It has already been confirmed by Sony themselves that the PS4 Neo exists, but sadly we will not be seeing it at the E3 presentation (an opportunity missed if you ask me). We may not be seeing the PS4 Neo, but we will most... Continue Reading →

Ubisoft At E3

Best known for it's popular game Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft will be holding their E3 presentation at 7pm (UK time) on Monday 13th June. So what can we expect to see from Ubisoft this year? One thing that has been confirmed is there will be no Assassin's Creed game, Ubisoft have decided to take a year... Continue Reading →

E3 2016: Microsoft Possibilities

Now we come to Microsoft. Happening at 5:30pm BST Monday 13th June, and quite simply I could very much enjoy this press conference or I could hate this press conference. The reason why I could hate this press conference is if they bark on and on about new hardware, whether it be Holo lens or... Continue Reading →

E3 2016: Bethesda Possibilities

Damn you Bethesda, one of the press conferences that I am, personally, looking forward to and they decide to hold it at 3am Monday morning on 13th June.  The frustration going through me is very hard not to show at times. DAMN YOU BETHESDA! Anyway, let's calm down and let us get down to what... Continue Reading →

E3 2016: EA Possibilities

With E3 now only a few days away with EA kicking us off on Sunday at 9pm BST, we are going to look at each press conference and see what everyone may see, may not see. What we would like to see and what possibilities could happen. Now let us get the obvious out of... Continue Reading →

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