Killing Eve Episode 5 – “I Have A Thing About Bathrooms”

The new BBC show is doing something that TV shows haven't done in a while, attracting new viewers each and every week since the very first episode, usually after a pilot episode the opposite is true ie viewing figures tend to go down hill. Having already been renewed for a second series Killing Eve is... Continue Reading →


Killing Eve Episode 4 – “Sorry Baby”

Last weeks killing of Bill was no fluke, and this week Villanelle backs that up (in a way).  Last weeks episode saw the departure of Eve’s ex boss and friend Bill, and that’s where this weeks episode picks up in the aftermath of his murder “I want to kill her with my bare hands” says... Continue Reading →

Santa Clarita Diet Series 2

Over the span of it’s second series, Santa Clarita Diet introduced a few new wrinkles to it’s comedy zombie show such as the zombie outbreak being traced back to some bad clams with red shells that came from Serbia, the good thing is that the series kept it’s humour and didn’t nosedive into an origins... Continue Reading →

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