The Dark Tower Review

Based off a popular book series by stephen king , dark tower has got everything from portals to other worlds, to monsters and some fantastic characters. Its a mixture of science fiction and western with a bit of action thrown in there.  With the recent well deserved success of IT, the dark tower doesnt quite... Continue Reading →


F1 2017 review

For the first time in a long time, I decided this year to buy a game that comes out yearly 2 years in a row. It is normally a rule I do not if hardly break. For one reason and one reason only, they are usually so similar that you have to wait, 2-3 years... Continue Reading →

MindHunter – The Trailer

“It’s not easy butchering people” was one of the stand out lines from the teaser trailer, an original Netflix series that will air later this month (Friday 13th October), the trailer opens with a the sound of a 1970’s fax machine printing out a grainy black and white photo of a splayed legs, then a... Continue Reading →

Girls trip quick review 

Its the suprise hit of summer 2017 that is just as hilarious as it is moving.  With a strong female cast, crude humor and some very surprisingly touching moments girls trip is the comedy that will either have you laughing till it hurts one moment  then feeling all sentimental the next.  The movie centers around... Continue Reading →

Doctor Foster Series 2

“There’s only one way I'm leaving here and that in a coffin” which seemed like a big warning from Simon. Viewers tuning in to Tuesday night’s grand finale were on the edge of their seats as they wondered if Simon would end up six feet under. Would Gemma run him over? what caused 15 year... Continue Reading →

Fargo season 3 review 

Set in 2010 in Minnesota , where the snow is beautiful and white but hides a life of crime, and a ever growing body count. With a great cast like Ewan McGregor , Carrie Coon, David thewlis and Mary Elizabeth Winstead it seemed as though we were in for a treat for yet another brillant... Continue Reading →

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