Lady bird review

With the award season rapidly approaching there has been a lot of buzz surrounding this movie and has been on my list of movies to watch this year for a while, especially after watching the trailer it looks like a promising movie focusing on its characters and its main story, the story of what it's... Continue Reading →


The Good Place Season 2 Review

It's a show with the premise that all its characters are all already dead and are living in the good place, only one person doesn't belong there and that's Elenor (Kristen Bell) and she spends the majority of the first season trying to hide that and become a better person with the help of Chidi.... Continue Reading →

HomePod: Music to your ears

It was around six years ago that Apple decided to start looking at making a speaker that could be placed most anywhere in the home, would be very simple to set up and sound great no matter where in a room it is placed. After years of challenges and needing to get it just right... Continue Reading →

South Park The Fractured But Whole

Just like South Park in general this game isn’t for the easily offended, the game tackles issues such as race, police brutality, along with lots and lots of fart jokes. Without mentioning spoilers too much all you need to know is that there’s something within this game that will likely offend everyone which of course... Continue Reading →

Peaky Blinders – A Binge Worthy Hit

Inspired by the real life gangsters from Birmingham in the early 1900s the name comes from the flat caps that they wore with razor blades sewn into the brim, the incredibly addictive and binge worthy show follows Tommy Shelby and his crew as they gain more power and acceptance from high society. Set from around... Continue Reading →

Darkest Hour Quick Review

Another film that has the eye of the award ceremonies, and same as The Shape of Water, is rightly deserved, only this is for different reasons. The main on been the acting, it is rare to watch a film and one acting performance, whether male or female, they take near enough every scene they are... Continue Reading →

Haters Back Off – Netflix original

The attention-seeking character of Miranda Sings is brought to life by it’s creator Colleen Ballinger who often uploads hilariously awkward video’s as Miranda to Youtube. The funniest thing about Miranda is not the amount of lipstick she uses nor is it the fact that she is quick to anger especially around other people, it’s the... Continue Reading →

The disaster artist review

From the greatest bad movie ever made, the room, a movie that has a cult following,mainly because of its outrageous star who also wrote and directed the movie. Tommy Wiseau. If you not watched this movie I highly recommend you do as let's just say it is a experience. You don't necessarily need to watch... Continue Reading →

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