TV Shows That Should Be Renewed

It’s that time of year again when people start looking to see if their favourite TV shows are going to be renewed or if they are going to axed from our screens forever. Here are the top 5 TV shows that i think SHOULD be renewed, this is just my personal opinion nothing has been... Continue Reading →

Orphan Black

As innovative TV shows go, Orphan Black’s selling point is extra special. The Canadian born and made TV series about a young woman who discovers that she is one in a family of clones (no spoilers because this can be figured on in the opening of the first episode of the first series) what’s impressive... Continue Reading →

Bates Motel season 5 review

Note: this is a collaborative review written by Dave and Sam!  This season starts off a bit slow but once it starts to pick up the pace it certainly does redeem itself as a final send off to Norman bates. I'm gonna start off with the things I didn't like about this season, as I... Continue Reading →

iZombie “Eat, Pray, Liv” review

Series 3 of iZombie hit the ground running, episode 1 picked up straight where series 2 left off, in fact, it picked up just a couple of seconds after the events of the series 2 finale. But now with episode 3, it seems like relationships are starting to become strained one, in particular, Ravi and... Continue Reading →

The 60s fashion in mad men 

Please take note that these are just my personal favourite outfits from the show so you may find that not all outfits will be included on this list.  Season 1 Don Drapers grey suit This tailored grey suit with a crisp white shirt, pocket square and tie had become a staple piece of all don... Continue Reading →

Neon demon review

Based on the cutthroat world of modelling in LA, in walks, Jesse, a young 16-year-old girl wanted to make it big in the fashion industry. People are instantly Captivated by her beauty and the claws are out as the other bitchy and superficial models can clearly see her potential to become a star. Jesse has... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong With Samsung?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has barely been announced, and yet there is an issue with the device, granted it isn't even on the same scale as the problems they had with exploding Note 7’s from last year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has removed the fingerprint reader and opted to put it on the back of... Continue Reading →

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