GOT Series 7 finale Winners and Losers

As series finale’s go, Game of Thrones pretty much has it locked down every time and series 7 was no exception. A lot happened within the episode and I'm glad that it lasted 79 minutes, let’s face it they needed every second of it. But who were the winners and who were the losers? Dani... Continue Reading →


GOT7: The Dragon and the Wolf review

A lot happened in this episode, so a little different from my previous I will break them down. The first half of the episode very politically charged, negotiations, Tyrion going to see his 'murderous' sister Cersei alone, and hoping not to die, the meeting of the two sides before that. All of these things is... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s Note 8 event just finished and to say it was underwhelming is an understatement, the thing is they had an opportunity with the Note 8 to make up for last years disaster that was the Note 7 and they didn’t (except for knocking some cash off the price of the Note 8 for those... Continue Reading →

GOT 7 – The Best Episode Yet?

Wow is just one of the words that springs to mind after watching the latest episode, it may well be one of (if not the) best episode yet. There was a lot going on in the episode, humour (the Hound never fails to make me laugh) suspense, drama and even a little romantic intrigue (for... Continue Reading →

GOT7: Beyond the Wall review

HOLY SHIT! If ever a wrestling chant can be used to describe an episode, this is the episode I would use it on. The Night King finally appears properly, and he comes across as this cold, calculating, ruthless son of a bitch that knows exactly what they are doing when to do it and how... Continue Reading →

Orphan Black series 5 review

Episode one picks up the very same night that series 4 left off, Sara is wounded and making her way through the woods of the island after a gruesome standoff with Rachel. It's clear that it is Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena and most of their loved ones who are the drive behind the story for... Continue Reading →

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