It’s A Mac Thing

This topic is going to be controversial for some people, but keep in mind that this is an opinion and you may very well disagree which is fine. The PC side of people will say things like “Why would anyone buy a Mac?” it’s a question that i can understand from people who have never... Continue Reading →



Chaotic, fractured and makes people feel dead inside. That is what some critics have said about this DC film, and given the fact that I am a DC fan and immensely enjoy their character-rich stories, driven by the characters and their rich backstories that give those stories extra crunch and spice I would dearly love to disagree... Continue Reading →

A bad moms christmas review 

Mila kunis, Kristen bell and Kathryn hahn are back and this time they are taking down christmas. Fed up with all the stress that comes with being a mom at Christmas they decide they need to inject more fun into the festive season with some hilarious results. This involves getting wasted in a shopping mall,... Continue Reading →

Happy death day review 

Happy death day is another movie that takes on the concept of living the same day over and over again, except this time there is a masked killer to uncover, its like a mix between groundhog day and scream.  Jessica rothe is the main character in this movie who is a sorority girl having to... Continue Reading →


For anyone that has seen the trailers, of which nowadays we get 3 sometimes more, you will see an obvious Guardians of the Galaxy feel to this movie. A feeling that continues throughout this movie. One thing I will say immediately about this film is that you should definitely check it out, it is fun,... Continue Reading →

Stranger things season 2 review 

Season 2, any good?  Eleven and the gang are back with second helping of everyone’s favourite sci if horror series on netflix. With the hype train still on full force I know everyone wondering whether this new season will capture the magic of the first season , with its creative storytelling , Nods to the... Continue Reading →

Ingrid goes west review 

It’s a modern day single white female with modern day technology.  Ingrid goes west takes on everything that is bad about today obsessed society, obsessed with everything online, with what we eat for dinner to our favourite things ,to every place and picture we are tagged in, our life is pretty much all over social... Continue Reading →

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