Game of Thrones, Where did it all go wrong?

Wow, to say that I’m unimpressed, underwhelmed and just plain perplexed is an understatement. For a few years now I have followed HBO’s Game of Thrones, granted it took a few episodes and a few rewatches before I got fully into the series. Never the less it was a show that wasn’t afraid to do... Continue Reading →


This Time with Alan Partridge

In a sentence? Alan Partridge is back an it’s “back of the net” for Steve Coogan’s loved character. For those of us who have grown up watching Alan Partridge, there is always the fear that the latest Alan broadcasting gig, might just be his last. He manages to bounce back, which is something that fans... Continue Reading →

The best upcoming TV shows of 2019

We have barely entered into 2019 and there are already a few TV shows that are either new or returning, these are the best of them. Killing Eve Series 2 - After the first series I thought that it would be really difficult for anyone to top it, however after watching the trailer (and then re-watching... Continue Reading →

Top 3 TV shows of 2018

It's been another great year for TV shows, some turned out to be not so good while others turned out to be even better than expected. Here are my top 3 TV shows of 2018. Killing Eve #1  Killing Eve surpassed all expectations and surprised everyone with it's dark humour and great plotlines, not to... Continue Reading →

No Offence

It’s the first scene in the very first episode that sets the tone, Dinah is on her way home from a night out with her boyfriend, after an argument she kicks him out of the taxi “I’d rather have a wank” she replies setting the gritty but funny tone early on. Walking down the road... Continue Reading →

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