Killing Eve – You really should be watching

Those who are living the U.S will have already seen and know about Killing Eve, (thanks for the spoilers) but it’s now the UK viewers who get to rave about it, rightfully so.  Killing Eve was made by BBC America, is shown on BBC One Saturday nights, is also available on BBC iPlayer where the... Continue Reading →


No Offence

It’s the first scene in the very first episode that sets the tone, Dinah is on her way home from a night out with her boyfriend, after an argument she kicks him out of the taxi “I’d rather have a wank” she replies setting the gritty but funny tone early on. Walking down the road... Continue Reading →

Marlon – A Netflix show

Marlon is a TV series set around the main character of yea you guessed it…Marlon an inappropriate father who is forced to coparent with his complete opposite and now ex-wife, the comedy is loosely “inspired” by the life of Marlon Wayans life.  In the first episode of the comedy we see Marlon try a friendly... Continue Reading →

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