Marlon – A Netflix show

Marlon is a TV series set around the main character of yea you guessed it…Marlon an inappropriate father who is forced to coparent with his complete opposite and now ex-wife, the comedy is loosely “inspired” by the life of Marlon Wayans life.  In the first episode of the comedy we see Marlon try a friendly... Continue Reading →


Killing Eve Episode 8 – “God I’m Tired”

The season finale of Killing Eve did everything it should of it brought everything back to the shows core dynamic. One of the best things about the series is that it allowed Eve and Villanelle to meet early on (in what became one of the best episodes in television) it allowed us to see the... Continue Reading →

Santa Clarita Diet Series 2

Over the span of it’s second series, Santa Clarita Diet introduced a few new wrinkles to it’s comedy zombie show such as the zombie outbreak being traced back to some bad clams with red shells that came from Serbia, the good thing is that the series kept it’s humour and didn’t nosedive into an origins... Continue Reading →

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