What/if quick review

What if takes the storyline of indecent proposal and makes it into a daytime soap drama curtsey of Netflix and starring Renee zellwegger and Jane levy with plenty of relationship drama and predictable storylines and some one dimensional characters, it's not of Netflix finest original series but it does have Renee who plays a powerful... Continue Reading →


Discussing anxiety and corinna kopf’s insulting new clothing range.

Having recently seen on youtube from several different youtubers that there is a LA vlogger who goes by the name of Corinna kopf whose is blatantly showing off her new collection of hoodies and T-shirt's for her lazy new clothing range with the meaning of anxiety plastered at the back of her hoodie and a... Continue Reading →

Sex education season 1 review

Sex education is a refreshing new comedy drama from Netflix which gives you the truth about sex in hilarious form as let's face it we all don't start off experts in the bedroom with many things to learn from they are awkward mistakes to be made and sex education certainly treads on a lot of... Continue Reading →

Mary poppins returns review

Disney's very own magical British nanny is back in Mary poppins returns with Emily blunt filling into the shoes of the practically perfect in every way Julie Andrews. Now obviously if you going into this film expecting the same as the original you will be disappointed because as brilliant as Emily blunt usually is Emily... Continue Reading →

The favourite review

Having mistaken this movie for a dark comedy based off seeing the trailer I was surprised to find out that it is in fact more a dark drama piece with a few added bits of comedy, some of which landed and some that didn't quite land. It's a movie that revels in the lengths and... Continue Reading →

Beautiful boy review

Since ladybird and call me by your name I been a big fan of Timothy chalamet, he's clearly a very talented actor with a big future ahead of him and this film it's clear he's still has some serious talent but unfortunately it just isn't enough to make this movie as special as call me... Continue Reading →

Movies for a mood. Part 2, fear

Horror movies are what supposed to be the stuff of nightmares. Taping into our worse fears and filling us with the feeling of dread. A good horror movie knows how to use everything to its advantage, from the music, to the slow build of tension with images that invade your dreams and the thrill of... Continue Reading →

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