YOU – Netflix original series

YOU is a Netflix thriller series that you won’t be able to stop watching while at the same time questioning social media, should you really be posting as much information about yourself online? That holiday photo in Hawaii, the night out with friends at the local bar, the picture you just took while at the cinema, people often get caught up in creating an online version of themselves that they forget just who can see these moments in their lives. YOU highlights just how dangerous it can really be.


“You” starts innocently enough, Joe meets a young woman at the bookshop where he is the manager, he instantly becomes infatuated with her, it’s at this point that the show starts getting a little creepy. He looks her up online from the receipt where she left her name on the credit card that she paid for the book with. From there Joe looks at Bex’s online social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all featured, the pictures and information he is able to obtain from a simple search is both impressive and worrying at the same time while also throwing in a little creepiness. The series progresses with Joe following Beck around the city, he follows her home, around the university campus and to her job as a local yoga instructor. Beck has no idea that joe is following her around and is totally infatuated with her, to the point of being obscenely creepy (as he stands outside her apartment and starts masturbating).

The best part of this show is the storylines, how it all starts out innocently enough an interaction between two people, as it progresses and becomes more and more creepy we see into the lives of both Beck and Joe, the voice over of Joe is also a great aspect of the show, voice overs are very tricky to get right without making the viewer feel like you’re calling them stupid. The voice over within the series gives a whole new view on how Joe is thinking, it would of been very easy to just show him doing all these bad things, there is an element of goodness within joe, I think we can all agree that what he’s doing (following her around and becoming obsessed) with Beck is wrong on so many levels, but the reason behind it seems to come from a good place (in the name of love), to me it feels like if someone had sat Joe down at a young age and explained about love, women and relationships then Joe wouldn’t be the creepy individual he quickly becomes.


As the series progresses Joe becomes more and more desperate, with the ultimate act of committing a number of murders. There are a few light hearted moments in the show, it’s not serious faced, there are moments of light heartedness, usually they are balanced well against the dark more sinister moments of the series. I can almost guarantee that you will like some characters more than others, I found Peach to be way too annoying and needy, Beck was my overall favourite while Joe was just too far out there for me to personally like him. The acting within the show was spot on, even down to the more annoying characters (yes Peach I’m looking directly at you).

YOU series one leaves us all on a cliff hanger, I’m happy to hear that the series will return for a second series.  YOU is definitely a series I recommend to most people, if you like dramas and you like deep character developments mixed with a shock ending then this is one that you will love. There are other aspects to the series that make is great, the way in which the series deals with domestic violence between the two neighbours is particularly handled well, Joes interaction with the son Paco shows a more likeable and grounded area to Joe’s personality and interactions with other people.

Series 2 of YOU will be coming to Netflix later this year (sooner rather than later I hope). Until then you can binge watch series one now on Netflix here in the U.K


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