Movies for a mood. Part 2, fear

Horror movies are what supposed to be the stuff of nightmares. Taping into our worse fears and filling us with the feeling of dread. A good horror movie knows how to use everything to its advantage, from the music, to the slow build of tension with images that invade your dreams and the thrill of figuring out who’s the possible next victim, which lets face it in some movies is a little too easy to figure out.

So with that said let’s turn off the lights, get under the sheets and cuddle up with your partner because these are not movies you should be watching alone.

The exorcist

“What an excellent day for a exorcism.”

Based off a true story of a real exorcism of a boy named Roland doe the movie certainly has its creepy weird images to stick in your head long after the films ends. With images like a young girls head rotating 360 degrees and throwing up thick green vomit onto a priest, those are images that aren’t easily forgotten. What makes this movie feel far more scary than it should of been is the fact that it was believed that the movie was cursed, with fires breaking out on set, actors injuring themselves whilst filming, even deaths whilst in post production, it certainly makes the scene in which the actor was injured during a scene even more realistic and far more disturbing hearing her screams of pain.

The shining

“Here’s Johnny!”

One of my favourite movie adaptations of the Stephen king horror novels the shining gives us a chilling view of what it might feel like to be extremely isolated and driven mad in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. With its unsettling images, build up of tension and chilling music perfectly placed to only add to the dread of its viewers as they watch Johnny decent into pure madness. It’s a movie that will leave you feeling uneasy whilst also scratching your head as to what just happened.

Texas chainsaw massacre

“My family’s always been in meat.”

It’s a 1974 horror classic for a reason with its terrifying plot of a cabalistic family torturing a bunch of travellers with gruesome results and a truly terrifying image of manic killer carrying a chainsaw, is based off real life serial killer Ed gren who created clothes and furniture from human flesh. Watching it almost feels like I’m watching a documentary with its low budget and realistic disturbing imagery with its dinner table scene being the most unforgettable as it’s very violent and see that once you seen it is extremely hard to unsee, the markings of a good horror movie and earns its title of a classic horror movie.

Funny games (1997)

“Why not?”

Funny games is a movie about a family who are taken captive and are terrorised by upper class guys in tennis shorts and polo tops. The two young guys decide to play several games with the family each more cruel and sadistic making me feel even more uncomfortable as I wonder what I would do in this situation, being forced to do things to try and stay Alive, all for the sake of their entertainment. Whilst the violence isn’t shown In this movie the implications of the two young psychopaths effect on the family makes for some very chilling viewing.

It follows

You think you’ve done with that past, but the past is not done with you.”

It follows plays on the fear of not being in control and the decisions that you make. Poor decisions can leave them vulnerable and in line to be the next victim of a creature so relentless they either die or have sex with someone to pass on the curse , like a demon std. it’s like their sexual history is coming back to haunt them which is scary in itself. This movie leaves you feeling on edge as you never known what’s around the corner with the creature turning into anyone, sometimes even unclothed and walking more and more towards its victim. It’s a interesting concept on horror and is unsettling enough to keep you up at night.

The descent

“We’re in the wrong fucking cave!”

If you one of these people who are afraid of dark ,tight spaces with unknown creatures lurking in the darkness then this movie will absolutely terrify you. A bunch of women makes the fatal mistake of deciding to go caving in a place unknown to other cavers, when they come across cannibalistic creatures and let’s just say it’s turns into a complete blood bath with the creatures killing off the women in gruesome ways and scenes with such tight spaces they are enough to make you feel claustrophobic just from watching it.

Terrifying movies I also recommend

  1. The Barbadook
  2. Raw
  3. Oculus
  4. Insidious
  5. Creep
  6. V/H/S
  7. Pet sementary
  8. Halloween (1978)
  9. Rosemarys baby
  10. The orphanage
  11. Brazil
  12. Candyman

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