Movies for a mood. Part 1, sadness

There are certain movies out there designed to trigger certain emotions in us when watching it, whether that to laugh , be scared ,or to cry I am gonna spend the next few days figuring out what movies can have a big effect on me and why.

So let’s start with the tear jerkers, movies that are perfect for when you really need to let out a good cry. So I guess I need to get comfy and bring out my big box of tissues and have a good old ugly cry to my collection of sad movies.

The notebook

“I think our love can do anything we want it too.”

The story of two lovers played by Ryan gosling and Rachel mcadams reunited after seven years of being apart. With so many obstacles in their way their love was still strong right to the very end with beautiful love letters and tender loving scenes And it’s tear inducing final scenes of the lovers together right to the very end is what makes this movie so beautifully sad and earns its reputation as one of the saddest love stories.

Toy story 3

“So long partner.”

Toy story 3 is the third instalment of Pixar’s popular movie series, toy story. Toy story 3 does give us all our favourite characters like woody and buzz light year with the added bonus of a few new characters. With Andy now all grown up and about to move out for college there’s no as much room in his life for all his childhood toys. It what makes this movie so brilliant as it shows us there is a time we have to say goodbye to our childhood and become a adult and makes this movie final moments between Andy and his toys that more emotional , almost like that part of his life is now over and he much grow up and move on, leaving his toys behind. It certainly made me tear up as he drove away after giving them to their new owner, a girl who will love them as much as he did as a kid. It’s all very moving.

Fault in our stars

“The world is not a wish granting factory.

Two cancer patients hazel and Augustus fall In love with each other, like the way you fall asleep, slowly than all at once whilst also having to deal with their illnesses. It’s certainly a movie that shows you how cruel life can be, ripping away someone you love in such a harsh way. It left me with tears rolling down my cheeks as I watched the two main characters go through such pain and inner turmoil but it’s also a message of you not lived at all if you haven’t loved someone so deeply at least once in your life.

The green mile

“You can’t hide what’s in your heart.”

Based on the Stephen king novel the green mile is a tale of good and pure evil. One particular inmate named John Coffey , a big friendly giant who is wrongly accused of murdering two young girls is on death row and has to face the same punishment as the other inmates, something that will haunt prisoner officer Paul for years to come. It’s injustice makes you feel such sadness as John takes his final steps to the electric chair and is put into darkness, something he fears ,as they end his life. It’s hard to watch and extremely emotional watching a innocent man pay for a crime somebody else committed.

Katchi, a dogs tale

“Look you don’t have to wait anymore. He’s not coming back.”

A college professor played by Richard gere forms a unbreakable bond with a gorgeous abandoned puppy and become good friends. I was not prepared for this movie to hit me quite as hard as it did, with such touching scenes of friendship between man and his dog, it really did break me seeing such sadness in hitachi eyes as he longs for his owner and what devotion he had to his owner throughout this movie. It really is such a beautiful movie.

My girl

“He can’t see without his glasses.”

With such a prominent theme of death in this movie I was surprised of how charming this movie is , with a lovely message about friendship and how a person deals with loss it certainly doesn’t fail to hit you right in the gut with the feeling of what sadness you feel losing a person you are close to whilst also trying to have a normal childhood despite her dads job as a funeral director and losing her mom at a young age. You can’t help but feel for her.

Steel magnolias

“I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”

A beautiful story of female friendship, who spent their life gossiping and sharing advice in their small beauty parlour one of the women suffers from a life threatening illness but doesn’t let it stop her from being everything she can be, with the help of her mom , her fiancée and all her close friends. Despite the tragedy in this movie and the girls heartbreaking loss you still get a warm feeling that Shelby still got to do what she wanted to do in life , just was a little shorter than she expected it to be.

The boy in the striped pyjamas

“We don’t have the luxury of thinking ….. some people make all the decisions for us.”

Another movie about friendship but this time is a very unlikely friendship formed between two boys who would never meant to meet. You already know watching this movie that it’s will end badly for the Jewish boy leaving the other boy devastated losing his friend on German orders but what I didn’t expect is the truly devastating ending to this story. One that left me feeling heartbroken and a big lump In my throat as it’s gut wrenching ending.

Tearful movie mentions I also recommend

  1. Moulin rouge
  2. A walk to remember
  3. Marley and me
  4. Pay it forward
  5. Bambi
  6. Lion king
  7. Watership down
  8. Brokeback mountain
  9. Ghost
  10. Miss you already
  11. P.s I love you
  12. My sisters keeper
  13. Still Alice
  14. Moonlight
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