Luther’s back and he’s on top form

It’s been a while since we last saw Luther on our TV screens (2015 to be exact), lets be honest that wasn’t exactly the best series, if indeed you can even call two episodes a series. now 2019 and we have been treated to four new episodes in series 5, boy have they come out swinging, the first episode saw Luther start a new case of a weird killer who has a fetish for causing his victims harm, as it turns out it’s a husband and wife team (no spoilers). The kill scenes are brilliantly written, the bus kill was well shot with the creepy scene of the killer crawling up the isle of the bus on his stomach.


Let’s be honest there is something more that viewers wanted, something that was missing from the previous series, and that happens to be Alice! like it or not Luther and Alice work so well together on screen, is the chemistry or is it that they are just drawn to each other in a dangerous sort of way. Alice was presumed dead (SPOILER ALERT) but at the end of the first episode she turns up on Luther’s doorstep injured and in need of somewhere to stay. For most of the second episode I was left wondering If this is the old Alice, she didn’t seem her usual Psychopathic self, is she too preoccupied with john Luther? I thought to myself, but then BANG it hit, just at the very end of the episode (SPOILER ALERT) when she disguises herself and walks into the gangsters sons room, and stabs him through the ear (and presumably into the brain) with a pin, killing him! as camera pans up we can see that look from the very first series, the enjoyment on her face.


This isnt to say that the series is perfect, at times I feel like it suffers from pacing issues, jumping back and froth from the current series killer case to John and Alice’s on going problems. It often feels like there is just too much going on, if I had to sacrifice one I think I would choose the case, have them solve it earlier (in episode one when we all thought they had, but it turned out to just be a decoy) and use the rest of the series to focus solely on Luther and Alice’s current problems/issues. But I have to say that we are ow half way through the series (2 out of the 4 episodes) and so far so good, I’m happy that Alice is back and I hope she remains a constant character for the rest of the series. I do feel that Alice being back and the troubles she has brought with her could of filled up the 4 episodes on there own, without the need for more story in the form of the deranged serial killer.

As a side note, I really think that Alice could benefit from having her own TV series, maybe Luther could appear in it from time to time, overall I think a series that focuses solely on the adventures of Alice would go down really well with audiences.



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