MacOS Mojave Makes the Mac more IOS like

For a while now many tech pundits have fixated on how Macs are going to merge with IOS possibly creating a device like Microsofts Surface Pro, but as Apple’s new MacOS Mojave makes clear: they’re wrong, here’s why. 

In 2015 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook pulled the tablecloth of expectations when he asked in an interview “I think if you’re looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one?” 

It was that question that upset many PC pundits by simply explaining what had happened in the industry “iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people. They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones.” 

In that moment anger seemed to seethe out. How dare Apple question the nature of an industry it created in the 70’s, revolutionised in the 80’s and was cheated out of in the 90’s then clawed back in the 200’s and finally radically disrupted in 2010? it’s like selling meow computers than any other PC maker makes Apple some kind of expert in personal computing (yes that was sarcasm). 

The very cynical of people would say that Apple’s fixation is simply because they are abandoning the conventional PC in order to shift into the mobile world. That’s simply false. Frankly is not just false it’s stupid, this year for example Apple has devoted high amount of attention for the biggest release of MacOS in years with MacOS Mojave. The strategy seems clear: Welcome to the Mac for IOS users. 

Mojave offers a clear look inside Apple’s strategic thinking not just for this year but into the next few. What’s Apple’s strategy differs from that of the competition, there are no ads on the desktop and Siri isn’t always listening to determine what TV shows you’re watching so it can sell you’re data to advertisers. The decisions made for the Mac alongside IOS 12 which will shape the future of technology. Apple’s strategy is in crafting integrated hardware and software experience that sells you the profits, rather than selling YOU as the product and the result is a more secure and luxurious experience. 

If you own a modern Mac, Mojave’s release is Apple’s latest, free annual update that will upgrade your overall experience in several major ways. 

What’s new in MacOS Mojave

While watching the keynote last month and seeing the features that Apple announced, it occurred to me that the intent of Mojave is to make the Mac the ideal computer for IOS users. As i mention some of the features below you will see what i mean: 

The stand out feature is of course Dark Mode, not only does it shift the appearance fo the entire interface, but also focuses attention on the task at hand along with your own content, in much the same way that IOS was designed to do. 


The desktop now features Stack, a way in which to organise those messy desktops full of documents, pictures and apps, it’s executed in a way that makes sense to you: by type, date, or label, it feels a lot like the non messy IOS Home screen. 

Screenshot is not new but what is new in Mojave is the feature that’s taken directly from IOS, allowing you to “grab” a screenshot, edit the capture via Quick Look and immediately use it rather than just dropping it in the file system. It resembles IOS behaviour. Click on the lower right image before it disappears, and you’re taken into Quick Look where you can edit or share the image.

There are also new Quick Look editing tools which feel a lot like IOS, allowing you to mark up images, sign a PDF, and trim videos without having to even launch the app. Personally i think that’s really cool. 

MacOS Mojave also brings IOS apps, News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home to the Mac while also taking last years IOS app store update and also bringing it to the Mac. 

One of the other big features that Mojave brings from IOS is the security and privacy controls, forcing Mac apps to ask your permission before they can gain access to your personal data (including calendar, contacts, reminders, photos and your location) and even before they can activate the camera or microphone. There are also features that allow you to limit how advertisers track you, including tools that block “fingerprinting” along with other techniques advertisers use to personally identify you and pari this with your browsing behaviour on the internet (Invasion of privacy isn’t it). 

Siri can now look up a password in your Keychain “What’s my Netflix password”) and with the Home app you can now manage you’re entire HomeKit setup on your Mac. 

Camera Continuity is also a feature that stand out, it allows you to take a picture using your iPhone and have it appear in a document instantly. (really useful for a document scanner and working on reports). It’s a feature that replaces your Mac “webcam” with the wireless connectivity to the much better camera on your iPhone. Your Mac sends a request to take a photo or document scan from your mobile device. You take the image and it is immediately sent and embedded into the document where you need it.


Apple has launched an internal program to bring some of it’s own mobile apps to the Mac and the first was are News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home. Next year Apple plans to make it’s Mac UIKit frameworks available to other IOS developers, allowing them to bring there IOS apps to the Mac. This will make it so much easier for IOS owners to buy a Mac, knowing that the apps and games they use will more than likely be delivered cross platform. What’s more impressive is that they didn’t need to create a device like the Surface in order to do it, they didn’t need to compromise anything.

On top of all of this, Apple is launching a new Mac App Store with a layout that is very familiar to IOS users making it much easier for them to use a Mac without the need to “get use to it” or “find my way around” 

Have i managed to convince you yet that MacOS Mojave is taking the Mac and aiming it at it’s own IOS users (a very smart move if you ask me.) 

Apple has proved that people are willing to spend premium prices for it’s iPhone’s, iPad’s, and Apple Watches. Many of these people will also want a Mac to complete the ecosystem that isn’t yet even close to being matched by it’s rivals. At WWDC, Apple’s Chief of software Craig Federighi resoundingly clarified that it has “NO” plans to mix up some kind of hybrid “do it all” platform. With Mojave, Apple is further making it obvious that the Mac serves a clearly differentiated purpose and audience as a platform distinct form IOS, but that doesn’t mean Apple platforms can’t share ideas with each other, in fact it would be very stupid for Apple to not apply what it has learned across the million of mobile devices to its Macs. 


I said a while back that people should consider that Apple doesn’t really have any real competition. After the announcement of Mojave i believe that to be more true today. The bottom line is that Mojave is designed to make the Mac very attractive to IOS users (it does that very well) and no in creating a Windows PC alternative: these type of devices are being shown iPad’s in their price range. 

Mojave is an invitation for the billion IOS users out there to consider buying a MacBook Pro or iMac in order to do some of the things you can’t do on an IOS device – such as creating IOS software. When i read stupid clickbait articles about how iPads and Macs are fighting to the death, i think just how clueless you would have to be in order to write such garbage. Apple has TWO computing platforms that both make billions of dollars each year, a lot more than valuable than any other PC or tablet maker, ever. Tim Cook isn’t confused about how to plan, build, ship and sell iPad’s and Macs at the same time, he’s been doing it for eight years now, as rival PC and tablet makers have all messed about and dramatically failed to sell either one. 

Nothing compares to the experience that Apple delivers in hardware and software, and that’s why individuals and businesses pay a premium to buy into the Mac. 


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