Marlon – A Netflix show

Marlon is a TV series set around the main character of yea you guessed it…Marlon an inappropriate father who is forced to coparent with his complete opposite and now ex-wife, the comedy is loosely “inspired” by the life of Marlon Wayans life. 

In the first episode of the comedy we see Marlon try a friendly divorce with ex wife Ashley for the children sake but things start to get a little tricky when Ashley try’s to start dating again. 

The comedy itself is one with a very simply and predictable storyline, Marlon every week does something to get himself in hot water with Ashley with it usually resolving itself at the end of the episode so don’t expect the story to be original or even gripping BUT what you can expect from this comedy is a few laughs especially from the main character of Marlon who is the one that brings most of the fun. 


There are characters in this series that made me wonder why they exist? Yvette who is Ashleys best friend but she adds nothing to the story except to annoy and hinder Marlon at every chance she gets, then there is Stevie a forty year old man who is sleeping on Marlon’s couch much to Marlon’s annoyance, he is often unemployed and considers himself to be Marlon’s best friend and altho Marlon disagrees with this he is the only friend that he has. 

Marlon is entertaining in the same way that some of the 90’s sitcoms were, it’s firmly rooted in finding joy and laughter in the black experience (there are many jokes about Marlon being Black) but also the family element (kids can provide laughter when mixed with adults who are also children). The pages of the rule book state that you have to have a comic sidekick and in this instance it’s Ashley, she isn’t as loud or as carefree as Marlon but she adds more of down to earth element to the series, often butting heads with Marlon when it comes to parenting their two children (Zaxk and Marley (played by Notlim Taylor and Amir O’Neil). Overall the series is worth a watch if you own Netflix but ultimately it doesn’t have me wanting to run out and buy the DVD. 


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