Riverdale season 2 review

It’s my most anticipated watch for this year , the second season of a show that last year took me by surprise with its usual teen popcorn drama mixed in with a mystery element that kept me hooked with its compelling characters and great storylines it’s safe to say it was one my list of my favourite shows to watch on Netflix alongside a load of other shows. Season 2 promised the fans that this series would be a lot darker than the first season and they that they did deliver us as the very first scene was Archie dragging his dads bloody body after being shot to the hospital vowing to get revenge of whoever was be hide that black man that shot Fred in pops diner, from its opening scenes it is very clear where this seasons is heading and the tone of this season , upping the violence and its body count this season.

The black hood

Honestly the whole mystery of who is the black hood did start off good but seemed to drag on a bit as the season went on and wasn’t as brilliantly played out as the last seasons mystery of who killed Jason blossom which slowly uncovered the towns secrets and had a unexpected twist at the reveal of who the real killer is, this season was spoilt for me by its fake reveal of the black hood in which was blatantly obvious was not the real black hood, making me lose interest when surprise surprise the black hood is back and is on the hunt to kill again. The final reveal of the black hood does make sense considering where the season was going but nether less was not at all shocking but I am prepared to see how the black hood storyline plays out in season three just as long as Archie doesn’t decide to play detective again.

The return of Dark Betty

One of the things I liked about this season was the return of darker Betty in which viewers got to see Betty explore her darker side more thanks to her various phone calls from the black hood allowing viewers to see a completely different side to Betty , a side in which we only saw a glimpse of last season. With the new character chic it’s brings out Betty’s vicious protective side as she senses chic is also that he seems and shows she will do anything to protect her family. Hopefully we we will see even more of Betty darker alter ego next season as it’s seems it’s not the last we have seen of chic.

Hiram lodge

Season 2 also brings us Veronica lodges dad, Hiram fresh out of prison and already has his feet firmly under the family table in the lodges household. Harmonies also steps in as queen bitch of the house with daddy’s little girl Veronica firmly stepping into her role as daddy’s little princess in pearls. The lodges appear to be taking over the town of riverdale, buying every property they can get their hands on and fully taking control of riverdale. I will be interested to see what season 3 has in store for the lodges and what they got planned for the town for this super rich smarmy powerful couple who can somehow afford to buy so many property’s even though Hiram has just been released from prison for fraud.

What’s next for season 3

There is one thing I hope for season 3 is that the whole love square between Veronica, Archie, jughead and Betty is dropped next season, as much as I adore bughead and Veronica and Archie’s adorable relationship either break up for good or stay together instead of going back and forth like a yo-yo and distracted me from the more interesting storylines because I’m more interested in the characters development as a person rather than their love life and so many other shows have the will they won’t they storylines, that frankly also starts to grate on me after a bit. What will the lodges do next now that hermonie is now mayor what’s next for Cheryl now she’s joined the south side serpents ,and who will fall victim to the next mystery of riverdale.


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