Killing Eve Episode 8 – “God I’m Tired”

The season finale of Killing Eve did everything it should of it brought everything back to the shows core dynamic. One of the best things about the series is that it allowed Eve and Villanelle to meet early on (in what became one of the best episodes in television) it allowed us to see the fascination each character had with each other, the fact that Villanelle broke into Eve’s house not to kill her but to just have dinner with her (“I just want to have dinner with you….OK”) showed us that there was more to the story than just the usual plan old cop chases down bad guy. 

It’s clear as the series progresses that both Villanelle and Eve have some form of respect for one another, that doesn’t mean to say they like each other after all Villanelle did kill Eve’s former boss and best friend Bill. Villanelle’s interest is more sexual than Eve’s who appears to have a more intellectual fascination, Eve’s life is completely different to that of Villanelle, she is married, bored of her job and is just fine where as Villanelle lives a more exciting life, she has a less than boring job, an expensive lifestyle with branded designer clothing and is completely young free and single living life on her terms in a nice apartment in Paris, of course Eve is fascinated by Villanelle’s lifestyle who wouldn’t be?

At the end of the episode “God, i’m Tired” Eve sits on Villanelle’s bed after having trashed her apartment (Yet Villanelle doesn’t seem annoyed by that which is interesting in it’s own way) full of expensive designer clothes and champaign, Eve admits that she thinks about Villanelle all the time “I think about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with” she tells Villanelle in another brilliant dialogue exchange. What’s more interesting is not that Villanelle tells Eve she thinks about her too (i think that much is obvious as the series progresses) but that even when she stabs Villanelle (maybe in revenge for Bill or for everything that she seems to have lost in her pursuit of Villanelle) she doesn’t really want Villanelle to die in fact from the expression on her face she instantly regrets what she has done. The biggest implication of the series finale is how Villanelle may feel, she admits that she liked Eve and seemed to have trust her but after the stabbing she instantly knows of Eve’s intentions and is clearly angry/upset as well as physically hurt, in the last moment of distrust she refuses to let Eve help her (who as instantly run to the kitchen to grab a tea towel) and even shoots at her. 


What’s less known is all the mystery that supports Carolyn, the last episode does very little to solve the mystery (probably leaving that part of the story for series 2). Is Carolyn a bad guy? why was she meeting Villanelle at the prison? was she the reason Villanelle got broke out of prison? is she part of the 12? all of these questions and more will have to wait until the series returns next year.

On another side note does anyone actually believe Konstantin is actually dead? (if i’m wrong i will say so in the next series write up in 2019) talking about Konstantin it seemed as if Villanelle didn’t want to shoot him, but she had a job to do and seemed determined to do it. It makes sense since Konstantin is the only regular person in her life, from he very first episode he lets himself into her apartment and from that moment they interact on a regular basis, all be it on a professional basis but Villanelle and Konstantin truly seem to enjoy their interactions with each other. Will he return in series 2? will he come back to help Villanelle? again these questions will have to wait until next year. 

The series finale gave exactly what it should, more intrigue, a strong story and characters heading into a second series that will likely air around the same time next year (2019). Overall i have loved this series and can easily put it down as one of my favourites, not only of this year but EVER. The characters are strong, Eve is obviously looking for something a little more than what her current life offers, while Villanelle is easy to like even if at times she does do some questionable things they are easy to forgive, the humour makes the show different from so many similar shows and movies before it, but in a good way, Killing Eve stands out and is one i would highly recommend. 


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