Killing Eve Episode 7 “I Don’t Want To Be Free”

This weeks penultimate episode is yet another highly watchable episode of Killing Eve (what are you surprised?) 

The episode opens back at a hotel in Moscow, Eve walks out of her room and manages to catch Carolyn who gets a phone call informing her that Nadia was murdered in prison. Konstantin joins them for breakfast over which he refuses am interview with Nadia’s fictional killer (if you watched last weeks episode you will know it was Villanelle and not another inmate), Eve is not very happy with that answer and is rightfully convinced that the murder is down to Villanelle.  What Eve doesn’t seem to know is that the 12 used Villanelle to kill Nadia and then trap her in solitary confinement but what stands out is just how accepting Carolyn is of there only possible lead being killed off hours before she was willing to cooperate with them. After a few words Carolyn orders Eve and Kenny (yes her son) to go back to London the case is over, but we all know that Eve is too determined to follow those orders and rightfully so, she has come way to far and risked too much (including her marriage) to turn back now. 

Deciding to disobey orders Eve decides to continue the search for Villanelle and pays Anna a visit.  in the meantime Carolyn’s son Kenny has managed to find “filthy” love letters to his mother from none other than Konstantin in a safe behind a bookcase along with at least one old photo with both of them looking cosy together.   

Meanwhile Villanelle is taken back to her cell after exercise where she finds a catatonic woman lying on her bed. “Don’t fall asleep” the guard warns, Villanelle fakes falling asleep in that moment Inga spits a razor blade out of her mouth as she moves forward Villanelle suddenly “wakes up” jumping on Inga she takes a bite out of her neck, the guards rush into the cell and take Villanelle away “you have a visitor” one of them says, the next time we see her she is sitting in a prison transport van along with Agniya, the cancer patient Villanelle used as a prop in order to kill Nadia. The truck suddenly stops, one of the guards shoots the other guard in the chest a few times before shouting “get down” an explosion rings out and boom Villanelle is free, a man on a motorbike tells her to get on but she can’t help looking around at the carnage that surrounds her, with the classic and appealing smile, in addition to the the dead prison guard in the truck there are a few other law enforcement officers laying dead and bloodied, she seems pleased that the 12 would go to this much trouble in order to rescue her, on the other hand Agniya is not so happy about her own freedom “I don’t want to be free” she says just before getting shot in the back of her head by a prison guard. 


Villanelle is taken to a dingy room where she is introduced to her new handler, Anton who tells her that she no longer needs to worry about Konstantin. He gives her a suitcase with some clothes, a postcard with her next target on and a handgun, Villanelle promptly shooting Anton in the head before sitting down logging into the computer and seeing that her next target is none other than Konstantin. 

Outside of Moscow, Anna tells Eve just how she came to know Oksana, she arrived at the school with a violent reputation, Anna decided to nurture the bright, funny and rude student who had no parents or friends. Oksana returned the favour with expensive designer clothes and luxury perfumes…oh and she castrated and murdered Anna’s husband. A month after being told of Oksana’s “death” in prison she reserved a coat, after ripping apart the seam Eve finds a fake passport and some cash, “Be careful you’re her type” Anna warns as Eve leaves the apartment 

Back at Konstantin’s home Villanelle is waiting to kill him, instead of shooting him she lets him have is preferred way to die, a whiskey and bottle of pills, while sitting down he tells Villanelle how much he loves her and has tried to protect her, Villanelle’s eyes start to water but she is not about to let him off and order him to take the rest of the pills but just as he is about to take another sip from the drink he throws the whiskey glass at Villanelle before picking up a log and hitting her around the head but instead of finishing her off he decides to run, leaving Villanelle a disorientated little for a few seconds “you hit me with a log” she shouts before getting back up and chases Konstantin who has now managed to get on a small speed boat and escape. 

Konstantin (Kim Bodnia)

The las scene is probably the most intriguing, watching the CCTV footage of the prison Eve and Kenny see something that they never expected Carolyn meeting with Villanelle when she was in prison, this creates a number of questions is Carolyn a member of the 12? did she order the death of Konstantin? OR she is working a new angle and is still one of the good guys? whatever the answer we will have to wait (agonisingly) until next weeks episode which is also the last of the series (until series 2 next year). 

Overall it was a great episode, twists and turns managed to keep the episode fresh along with the usual and very amusing humour. Jodie Comer deserves every Emmy award possible for her performance of the brilliantly addictive Villanelle, a character that manages to bring something fresh to the assassin genre. 

Stand out moments: 

“Nadia has been murdered in prison. The good news is, the buffet’s open” a brilliant line from Carolyn 

Konstantin, coming home to his kid’s blanket fort: “looks beautiful, sausage” Villanelle “you’ve never called me sausage before” 

Villanelle “my understanding of solitary confinement is that it is solitary” 


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