13 reasons why season 2 review

Season 2 is set 5 months after Hannah’s death, Hannah’s mom is suing liberty high school for neglecting the fact that her daughter was being bullied and abused both physical and mentally all which led her to commit suicide.

Each episode is based around each testimate of each of the main characters from the first season. It seems as if a lot of the students are still haunted by Hannah’s death and her decision to take her own life particularly clay who sees Hannah as a walking ,talking ghost threatening his chances new girlfriend, Skype or his chances of ever moving on.

As much as I loved the first season of this series mainly because it had me gripped from the start with hard hitting issues that they were never afraid to highlighting bringing issues like bullying and rape to the light, this season whilst still deals with those controversial issues it also contradicts so many of Hannah’s story’s from her tapes in the first season with some of the characters testimonies a lot is down to the seasons poor writing. There are a few testimonies that do however flesh out some of hannahs stories offering the viewers a bit more insight into Hannah’s life. I think personally it was a good idea to have this season based around Hannah’s trial but for me a lot of this season lacked originality as a lot of this season seems repeated from the first season, and it does appear to drag on a bit at times, especially in its first few episodes but does pick up a bit more in the last few episodes leading up to the last episode which which had just as shocking scenes as the first season I couldn’t help wondering whether was it there to shock the viewers because this is what this show has been known for.

The characters wasn’t the issue with this season as Bryce was still the narcissistic rapist who is the most hated character on the show , Jessica is the still the pretty strong minded former cheerleader, fighting to keep her dignity whatever life throws at her and clay is still the same sad eyed hero still fighting for justice for Hannah and even ghost Hannah who you would think who bring down a series but bring so much charm to her character she was a welcome blessing to the series.

As a season as a whole it’s not a terrible season it was just letdown by the poor writing and failed to have me as hooked as the last series did, this one just felt more like a chore to get through and seems such a waste for a show that has so much potential.


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