Morrowind vs Oblivion vs Skyrim: Round 3: Side Quests.

This is one round that causes a lot of arguments. Why? It is simply because its down to taste and how much fun you had while playing the game, what state of mind you were in when you played. For me sometimes I remember certain quests because of the music I was listening to at the time, for example, GTA 3 brings up memories of Hail to the Thief by Radiohead because I was listening to it as I was playing it.

Skyrim, Morrowind or Oblivion! Which is best? ROUND 1: MAIN STORY!




Short sweet and usually very simple, well that is what you would love them to be, but they ain’t. Morrowind side quests and guild quests are just as intertwined as the main quest is with the Ashlanders and the great houses. But a little tidbit for those who want to play this game, join both the Fighters and Thieves guilds early, as you will have quests that, well, overlap each other shall we say.

You actually have to work up to the main job by doing jobs for the person next up for handing out jobs. Usually most start in Balmora you then do 4-6 quests move onto the next job giver, this is where they start to really move you around the map. Which is what the main quest wants you to do.

A vast number of guilds or faction to work for means you are never short of stuff to do. 7 in total, from the Thieves Guild to the Imperial Legion to Morag Tong, as the Dark Brotherhood does not have a presence on Vvardenfel. The quests themselves can seem pretty mundane and simple fetch or go kill this person quest. But with the lack of fast travel, it makes you explore the world which is only a good thing.


Oh, Lucien!



This is where it gets interesting. This games one massive bright spark is the side quests. The variance what you can do in this games side quests, the investigations to finding out about black gems, learning about nirnroot and to moving the Night mother around for safety. There is probably more thought in the side quest and guild quests than there is in the main quest and certainly in how they designed the dungeons, as they all look the same.

From dealing with treason within and the added little detailing of dropping a head and the traitor almost blows their cover to stealing an Elder Scroll. The side quests daedric quests and general side quests are a heap of fun and make playing this game a lot more worthwhile. All along with the arena which is what it says on the tin. Go to an arena and beat the crap out of things.


The Jagged Crown



We get more factions to play within this Elder Scrolls game, 7 but you can only join 6, as the civil war quest line makes you choose. Though I am counting the Bards College in that figure. Also, the Dark Brotherhood quests can be cut short by murdering all of them by starting with Astrid when you get kidnapped. Though you miss out on Cicero if you do and two master trainers and a word wall.

The Bard college is a relatively small quest line which includes getting a poem for a festival. The Companions replacing the fighters guild, same reason for no Dark Brotherhood in Morrowind. The same with the College of Winterhold, which is the same as mages guild really.

The Thieves guild questline has two main parts to it with the main quest and the jobs from Delvin and Vex, which are simple fetch quests but help break up other quests in the game and main quest line for the Thieves Guild. The only problem is except the Thieves Guild questline all the others heavily feature fetch quest. Fetch a book, go kill someone,  go steal something. Go to this marker and do this, and it gets very boring very quickly.


Give him some lettuce????



It just goes to Oblivion. The fact that they are so much fun and is pretty much the reason to play this Elder Scrolls because nearly everything else in this game is boring, or poor badly designed and lacking in many areas.  You feel like you earn the right to be the top dog in that faction, stealing an Elder Scroll, damn right I deserve that Gray Cowl.

Moving and saving the Night Mother, hell yeah I should be the listener. Going through all those recommendations to become Arch-Mage, and dealing with a rival guild to become Master of the Fighters Guild.

Yes, there could of be more factions to, but when you have to start a quest with a sample of Lettuce you know you are going to have some fun.




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