The Dark Tower Review

Based off a popular book series by stephen king , dark tower has got everything from portals to other worlds, to monsters and some fantastic characters. Its a mixture of science fiction and western with a bit of action thrown in there. 

With the recent well deserved success of IT, the dark tower doesnt quite weigh up to that and heres why.

It not the characters that are the problem in this movie as all the main actors fit perfectly into thier roles it is the story that fails this movie, in particular the lack of detail. We get no backstory for its two main characters the gunslinger and the man in black, and we dont even see that much of the dark tower. There is clearly more between roland (gunslinger) and walter (the man in black) that what we are shown and there is no explaination of what walters trues motives are, its as if he just evil for the sack of being evil.  There is also pacing issues as there as some scenes that feel rushed as it goes from one scene to the next , it clearly needed more screen time to fully explain the story and its characters. 

There is so much the film could of done with such a great story like the dark tower and with a great cast they really missed the opportunity to create not a average movie ,but a fantastic movie that could of become a fim series that fans would of loved as much as they love the books but with this movie going down like a lead ballon with the moviegoers i seriously doubt we will ever get a follow up movie, but its possible they could turn it into a tv series. 


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