Atypical season 1 review 

Atypical is a show about an 18-year-old named Sam who is on the autism spectrum and is trying to deal with teenage problems like trying to find a girlfriend, losing his virginity and hopefully finding love.

Atypical isn’t the first show to tackle a serious subject like this, parenthood also had a young character who has to deal with growing up with autism and how it affects their family. Atypical does all that and more as sam is the main focus of the show, and you get to see a lot more of how lonely sam can be feeling different to everyone else. That becomes even more apparent when a group of teenagers are bullying him, he knows they are picking on him but can’t understand why, and feels hurt by the girl’s comment, that he is not all there.

Keir Gilchrist who plays Sam is fantastic and gives empathy to his character who is blunt, and straight to the point, which provides the show with plenty of humour, and his passion for the Antarctica and penguins makes him even more endearing to me as a character.

Jennifer Jason Leigh also does a good job as the overprotective mother of Sam, Elsa. Her whole life has been about her family and being there for Sam, but feels lost when sam starts to become more independent with the help of his therapist, Julia.

Casey is sam sister, who is one tough cookie, she won’t stand for anyone treating other people wrongly, especially not her brother and even though it has seemed as if Casey has been in the background as a lot of the attention has been on sam, she has grown up to be strong and tough on any bully.

Doug is sams father who struggles to connect with his son and wants nothing more than to be able to bond with Sam, that is until the subject of girls comes up, something sam does not want to discuss with his mother.

They are a family of protectors, who look out for each other, and seem lost without Sam as they all struggle to be their own person when they were looking out for Sam for all his life.

Overall I would recommend you watch this show as any show that has the message that it’s ok to be yourself is good with me, I just hope Netflix gives this show a chance for a second season as I would love to see more of this heartfelt comedy series.


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