GOT:Series 7 – Looking Ahead

With each passing week we get closer to the endgame for Game of Thrones, with only 3 episodes left (presuming you have seen series 7 episode 4) of this series the end is very much in sight so i thought it was time i wrote about what i think lies ahead for the series, just to make one thing clear what i’m about to write in regards to the future episodes of Game of Thrones is PURE SPECULATION and so i could be completely off track so DON’T take this article as fact!

Now that the Lannisters have faced the mother of dragons along with the Dothraki (NEVER face the Dothraki in an open field) and got more or less destroyed, you would think that Jamie Lannister would try and convince his sister to either stop the war or at least offer some sort of truce, i do NOT expect this to happen, Jamie Lannister proved that he is not a coward nor is he one to face away from a battle (who else would charge at a Dragon with only a spear while on horse back? not many people i can tell you). However what i think COULD happen is that Tyrion will find a way to talk to Jamie, however i expect Jamie to ignore and not take the advice, Tyrion hates war and at first he may try a more diplomatic approach with his brother.


Jon Snow and Daenery’s will hook up, now i don’t expect this to be some sort of world wind romance with all loveydovey notions of a happy life together, but judging by the meeting’s that the pair have had in the past couple of episodes i sense some chemistry between them, it may only be in the form of sexual chemistry in the heat of war but something is certainly there. If they do hook up neither of them will know that they are committing incest (something Game Of Thrones isn’t afraid to show).


Jon Snow bends the knee, i think judging by Jon Snow’s character it will be inevitable that he bends the knee to the mother of dragons. Will the pair be a force to reckon with? i surely hope so, think about it, the mother of dragons and Jon Snow (i won’t say the king of the North because if Snow does bend the knee he won’t be king of the North) fighting not only the White Walkers and the Night King but also the Lannister army and Cersei, who i can assure you will not take any of it laying down.

There will be epic battles, not only is there a war going on between Cersei and Daenery’s but Jon Snow is facing an even bigger enemy, the White Walkers and the Night King and they will not be easy to defeat, in fact i think the dragons are going to be needed if any of them have a chance of surviving! Will Jon try and prove to Daenery’s that these creatures exist, or does she already believe him after seeing the paintings on the cave walls? (episode 4 series 7) we will have to see. I suspect there are going to be some epic battles between the dragons and the White Walkers (FIRE AND ICE will finally meet)


Cersei will die, now i could be completely off here but i have a suspicion that she will not survive until the end, that’s not to say she will be killed this series, that i’m not sure of but i do think her time on the Iron Throne is limited, there are few theories going around as to who will kill her, will be Arya Stark? her own brother Jamie or will Deanery’s kill her before taking the Iron Throne for herself? the choice is yours, personally i favour either her brother Jamie finally killing Cersei or Arya Stark having the ultimate revenge (after all it is Game of Thrones).


Will there be one winner? correct me if I’m mistaken but no one has ever said there has to be one winner in the end. Could it be that Jon Snow and Daenery’s are the only ones left after the fight with the White Walkers and the Night King? Jon Snow seems to have no interest in taking the Iron Throne so would he let the mother of dragons have it? OR will no one survive? will the White Walkers and the Nigh King completely destroy everyone and everything including the Iron Throne itself? it is possible and knowing Game of Thrones i wouldn’t rule it out completely.



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