GOT7: Episode 4 – That Battle Scene!

It was a very, VERY good episode and anyone who has had the chance to watch it will be agreeing with me right now, death, Dragons and Daenerys causing massive devastation upon her enemies, it has got to be one of the most epic episodes so far.

From the moment the Dothraki army rode over that hill it was obvious that the Lasnnisters VS Daenerys was going to be great, then enter the dragon with Daenerys and at that moment i knew it was going to be slaughter and it didn’t disappoint, The mother of Dragons really needed to get a win after the last couple of episodes and in this episode she did just that. Amidst all the fiery chaos, so many moments stood out. The Dothraki rider cutting Bronn from his horse. Daenery’s looking satisfyingly scary as she came around for another round of fire and the expression on Jaime’s face, at the start when he heard the Dothraki approaching AND when he hears the Daenery’s Dragon in the distance.


“You Fucking idiot” Tyrion expressed as he stood watching Jamie observing the Dragon before attempting to charge and kill Daenery’s, one armed man vs a very annoyed Dragon was only going to end one way, with a blast of fire coming from the Dragon and Jamie becoming toast that was until Bonn grabbed Jamie, knocking him into the river. Daenery’s is “sick of clever plans” and i am too, this episode may of proven that the mother of Dragons will cover the world in blood and fire until she’s the one sitting on the Iron Throne, and i’m ok with that (after all you can’t have a war without casualties otherwise it isn’t a war at all) i also think it’s about time Jon Snow bowed the knee and the two of them join forces in order to not only defeat the strongest enemy they will probably encounter in the White Walkers and the Knight King, but also it’s about time that Daenery’s defeated Cersei and her army.


The battle itself in this episode was wonderfully shot. The Lannisters all lined up for the slaughter, Dragon flames spouting and causing as much destruction as possible. All being told, it was great battle scene, even if it wasn’t a fair fight, but that’s not the point Daenery’s has now finally dealt a blow to the Lannisters. If Daenerys decides to to join Jon Snow and fight the White Walkers, her dragons will be great formidable foes and Jon Snow is going to need Daenery’s in order to defeat the white wakers and the night king.



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