Top 5 Stephen King Horror Movies

There is no doubt in my mind that Stephen King is one of the best horror story writers out there right now and it’s still one of my all time favourite authors, from the killer car Christine , a scary killer clown to a telekinetic shy girl who exacts revenge on her tormentors, this guy certainly knows how to write a good scary story that will leave you hooked, but not all the brilliant stories Stephen King has written have all translated well to the big screen and with the anticipated release of IT, I thought now what the perfect time to write my list of my top 5 personal favourite Stephen King movies.

5) The Mist

While this isn’t my usual go to a horror movie as I’m not usually a fan of a gory creature movie I found that this movie was so much more than that. Yes there are quite a lot of horrific gory deaths, but there are others elements to this story as the film focuses more on the people’s relationships, and their decisions they make and the consequences, religion also plays a big part of this story as Mrs Carmody, the religious nut  of the group tries to persuade others to join her side. As I, not a religious person her character did infuriate me a lot but I did connect a lot with Thomas Janes character, David Drayton, as he desperately tries to protect his young son Billy from the monster and I can sympathise with that.

It’s an intense roller coaster ride that leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting to see who becomes food next for the creatures, and what these people decide to do next to try to survive, that leads right into a controversial devasting end.

4) IT

I watched this movie a few years ago with a friend of mine and the one thing I remember about this movie is how scary Tim curry looked as a clown and how hillirious he was in some of the scenes he was in.

This isn’t a movie I would recommend any younger viewers watching as alothough the gore and violence is toned down a bit in this movie unlike in the book where it’s more brutal , it still has a few scenes like the scenes with blood in the balloons and in the sink and a few other scenes that would be deemed inappropriate for younger viewers. A lot of the scares for me came from my imagination, as a lot of violent scenes are off screen but the violence on the children is still implied. It is also quite a long movie as it is in 2 parts and is 3 hours long, which does feel a little stretched out a bit during the second part of the movie which isnt as good as the first part of the mini series and even though it is a bit cheesy at times, its still a great movie to watch and especially if like me you are planning to see the latest IT movie this year.


Annie is author Paul Shelton’s, biggest fan and after Paul is badly injured after being in a serious car crash, Annie takes him in and nurses him back to health but Annie isn’t was she appears to be, at first glance she appears kind and caring but later reveals herself to be a truly terrifying woman , a true psychopath, tormenting Paul and demanding he bring back her beloved character, misery, back from the dead as Paul has killed off that character in his latest book. Kathy bates does a superb job as the villain, and it’s clear to see why she won the oscar for the role of a deranged and dangerous woman. She has so much intensity in her eyes as she turns from a good and caring nurse to a twisted woman hell bent on getting exactly what she wants. You won’t be able to stop watching this game of cat and mouse, without wondering which one of them is gonna make it out alive.


With this movies main focus being about blood, with the very first scene about carries very first period to that iconic prom scene, but Carrie isnt your typical horror movie , in fact the first half plays more like a story a girl who just wants to be accepted in high school but with a crazy religious mother, who refuses to let her daughter have any sense of a normal relationship with anyone because of her over the top religious beliefs, and bullied her daughter into what she believes is the way to behave. It what makes her the social outcast of her school and why other kids call her ‘creepy carrie’. It’s then when the story takes another turn when carrie discovers she has the ability to move things with her mind, in which her mother thinks is a another sign from the devil, carrie slowly starts to learn to use her powers and this is what leads to up to that fatal prom night in which carrie is once again humiliated by her school peers, and this time she wants revenge, sweet bloody revenge.

Sissy spacek plays the shy and vulnerable young girl well,  as well as piper Laurie, as carries religious mother, unfortunately, the other characters aren’t as memorable as Carrie and mrs white, but all in all the movie is still one of the greatest horror movies of our time, and I still prefer the 1976 version to the 2013 with Chloe grace moretz, Chloe just didn’t quite have the same creepy sinister look in her eyes when she turned as sissy spacek did, which is what makes that scene even more powerful and gives you one strong message. Which is a person can only take so much before they snap.

1) The Shining 

It’s my number one choice and it had to be no other than the shining, it’s a masterpiece of terror and is stephen kings finest work. With scary imagery like lifts that literally spill out gallons of blood, a old woman who is decomposing, some very creepy twins, and scenes that involve an axe. It’s not a film for the faint hearted as it shows you the true depths of insanity as we watch jack slowly losing his mind and the hotels disturbing dark past and it’s all very terrifying.


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