GOT7: The Queens Justice review

Well, the meeting of Jon Snow and Daenerys has happened, and well to put it simply their first conversation makes Daenerys come across as a self-righteous bitch who wants to broadcast her own achievements. It is an interesting conversation and sets up things more likely in the final season and some at the end of this. But one thing that happens is Melisandre little moment with Varis. Telling him they will both die in this strange country.


Moving back to Cersei and more of her vileness comes out when she gets her hands on her daughter’s killer. More interesting is the confliction that hits out between Jaime and Euron. Euron further coming across as a ruthless, disgusting animal.

The interaction between Tyrion and Jon simmers away underneath adding intrigue to the pair. Always giving signs that something more is there. Then the fact she lets him have the Dragon glass.

Bran is back too. Now this story has developed differently to the books given certain parts have been taken out. But he comes across more creepy and emotionless than before. More distant and less caring for what is happening at the time. It will be interesting how this develops further into this and the final season.


The first time we see Casterly Rock is it been taken. But most of the Lannister Army is taking Highgarden. Then the bomb shell moments. Lady Tyrell dropping the Mic, the thug life sunglasses drop. She was the one who killed Joffrey. Not Tyrion. She caused the Lannisters to begin in fighting. Just as she drinks the poison that will kill her painlessly.

Overall good episode. Big revelations and felt like some of the stories are beginning to come full circle and the endings are coming. The money muscle of the meat is close by. The kerching moments feel tantalizingly close, and I am looking forward to them all.


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