Stranger Things Season 1 Recap

Stranger things is a 80s sci fi thriller that has become one of many great shows that Netflix has to offer. With such a great cast like Winona Ryder, Charlie Heaton, David harbour and Natalie dyer and a very impressive bunch of child actors with a Steven Spielberg style to and is is a show that I fell in love with and have watched the series three times so far and I am now patiently waiting for the realease of the second season in October. 

As season 2 is rapidly approaching I thought I would write a recap of the first season and keep you all up to date before the very anticipated second season drops in halloween. 

Main Characters 

  • Eleven/Elle
  • Mike
  • Will
  • Lucas
  • Dustin 
  • Nancy
  • Jonathan 
  • Dr Martin brenner
  • Joyce
  • Chief hopper
  • Steve

Other minor characters

  • Barb 
  • Lonnie Byers (Joyce’s ex husband)
  • Benny Hammond 
  • Holly wheeler (Nancy and mikes younger sister)
  • Karen wheeler (Nancy and mikes mom)
  • Ted wheeler (Nancy and mikes dad)
  • Connie Frazier 
  • Terry Ives 
  • Scott Clarke 

Chapter 1 – The vanishing of Will Byers

The first scene that we see is a man trying to escape what looks like a laboratory , we then see something pull him up from the lift and the scene then cuts to a bunch of kids , Mike, will, Lucas and Dustin playing a role playing game that includes a demogorgan. Then the boys all leave mikes house separately in which will then separates from the group. Will senses that something is following him and becomes frightened.

The next day Will is missing and his mother Joyce is frantically trying to find him, she goes to the police station and talk to chief hopper who clearly thinks at first she is crazy by netherless goes looking for the missing young boy. 

We are then introduced to a girl with a shaved head and wearing a hospital gown. The girl is clearly very hungry as she steals food from bennys diner. When benny catches her he is mad at first but soon realises that the young girl needs help. He calls social services to come pick her up only to be killed as he is shot by FBI Connie frazer, mistaking her for a social worker. Eleven does manange to escape before Connie captures her and manages to run back into the woods where mike , Lucas and Dustin find her. 

Meanwhile back at Joyce house Joyce recives a strange phone call where she swears she can hear will breathing. 

Chapter 2 – The weirdo on maple street 

Mike is hiding eleven in his basement in his house and as the two become closer she reveals to him she knows who Wills is by pointing to his face on a photograph, when mike asks her if she knows who will is she nods. She also shows mike her telekinesis powers and tells him that they are bad people after her. 

Joyce is still getting more strange phone calls in which this time the phone calls are making the lights go crazy. 

Mikes older sister, Nancy is asked by her boyfriend, Steve, to a pool party at his house , Nancy decides to bring along her best friend, barb. Nancy leaves barb alone by the pool as she go upstairs with Steve to have sex in which we then see barb become the monsters next victim.  #justiceforbarb

Chapter 3 – Holly Jolly 

Nancy finally figures out that barb is missing, after no one has seen her since the party, not even her mom. Nancy tries to go out on her own to find barb, but comes up with nothing. 

Eleven starts exploring more of mikes house whilst mike is at school and starts to get flashbacks of the terrible time she had endured in the lab. 

The search for will starts to turn cold but Joyce who is still adment that will is speaking to her through the electricity in the house and goes out and buys a load of Christmas lights and sets them up with a load of letters so that she can communicate with will. Will spells out that he is here and run, which is when Joyce first sees the demogorgan in the flesh. 

A body is then found in the lake , a body that is believed to be will. 

Chapter 4 – The body 

Mike is Angry at eleven for not telling him that will was dead, and for giving him false hope, that is until he hears wills on his walkie talkie singing should I stay or should I go by the clash, a song that was introduced to him by his older brother, as we saw in the flashbacks.

Joyce isn’t convinced that the deceased body found in the lake is will. Everyone is starting to think Joyce is going crazy and no one believes her theories about will, not even her own son, Jonathan. 

Although hopper starts to get suciscious when he finds out wills autopsy was done by a state assingned coroner, instead of a regular coroner , which all seemed a bit much as it was a autopsy for a 12 year old boy not a state senator. He spins finds out that the body was filled with stuffing and was a fake. 

The search for barb is still ongoing and Nancy notices that from the feared up photographs that Steve had ripped up earlier , there was a strange figure with no head on the photographs of the night barb went missing. 

Eleven is given a girly makeover, borrowing one of nancys dresses and a blonde wig. She then goes to school with mike, Dustin and Lucas where she meets the bullies, the bullies or as mike calls them ‘mouth breathers’ start saying that will has gone to fairy land and trying to humiliate the boys once again, except this time eleven humiliates them by making one of the bullies wet themselves infront of all the kids in the hall. 

Chapter 5 – The flea and the acrobat 

Chief hopper goes to the laboratory and finds the upside down world but he is captured and drugged, when hopper wakes he goes searching for the trailer where he finds a bug. He then pierces together that this laboratory has something to do with the missing kids and that Joyce’s theories about what happened to will is are far from crazy. 

Eleven takes the boys to the gate of the upside down but on the way fears that is too dangerous and tries to protect her friends so she sends them the wrong way. This causes a massive argument between the boys and eleven, leading to a unconcious Lucas when eleven flings him in the air. 

Nancy gets very close to spotting them monster as her and Jonathan spot a sting dear but before they can put the dead out of its misery the dear is pulled away by an unknown figure. Following the trail of blood Nancy finds a hole in the tree leading to the upside down world. 

Chapter 6 – The monster

Nancy barely manages to escape from the upside down world by managing to find the hole in the tree just in time for Jonathan to pull her out and away from certain death. Feeling frightened after what she just saw she asks Jonathan to sleep over. Steve sees Jonathan in nancys bedroom and completely gets the wrong idea. Him and his friends then spray paint slut on the movie theatres marquees. An upset Nancy goes to confront Steve but this only leads to a fight between Jonathan and Steve, leaving jonathan arrested by the police. 

Hopper and Joyce track down a woman called Terry Ives. This woman took part in a load of testing programs done by dr Martin brenner but she didn’t know that she was pregnant. Most people believe terry had a miscarriage but in fact dr brenner had taken away the baby from her at birth. It was implied that the baby was eleven. 

Lucas is still really angry and refuses to forgive mike and Dustin. Meanwhile eleven is hungry and is stealing eggos from a supermarket and creating a scene using her powers to break the front glass of the store , whilst walking out the door with a load of unpaid eggos. 

Eleven is welcomed back into the group as she saves mike and Dustin from the bullies by throwing one of the bullies with her mind and breaking the other bullies arm. She also saves mike from falling off a cliff. She then reveals it was her escape that opened the gate to the upside down , blaming herself for wills capture. 

Chapter 7 – The bathtub 

The boys and eleven have to avoid dr brenner and all his men after Lucas finds out that they are now aware of elevens whereabouts are now at mikes house questioning mikes parents. 

One of the bullies have gone to the police about his broken arm , thankfully he speaks to chief hopper, who clearly knows exactly who he is talking about and goes to find mike and the gang, with Joyce, Nancy and Jonathan in tow. He reaches them using one of mikes walkie talkies. 

In a flashback scene we find out that eleven was immersed into water and asked to use her mind and teleconic powers to communicate and manupulate objects. Eleven tells everyone she might be albe to find will and barb by using a sensory deprivation tank , so they all go to the school to use the schools gym, using a bathtub full of water and lots of salt. Once eleven is in the upside down she finds barb, but she is dead, but will is alive and is hiding. 

Jonathan and Nancy are planning to lure the demogorgan to Jonathan’s house where they will kill it, instead of thier original idea of luring the creature into the woods. 

Chapter 8 – The upside down 

Joyce is being questioned by dr brenner, trying to persuade her that he is a good guy, not that Joyce believes it at all whilst hopper in the other room is being tassed by brenners men. They manage to come to a agreement that for thier silence they will be  allowed to go into the upside down to look for will, even though brenner believes that won’t even find will. 

In fact they do find will, eventually , and hopper has to pull out a long tentacle from wills throat and asminstatrate CPR to save wills life. 

Nancy and Jonathan have set up traps all around Jonathan’s house and lure the monster in by cutting thier hands with a knife. That is until they are disturbed by a oblivious Steve who is then dragged into thier plan to kill the monster. They manage to get rid of the monster by setting him on fire but what they don’t know is that the monster isn’t really dead. 

Dr brenner and his team arrive at the school where mike, Lucas, Dustin and eleven are hiding but eleven takes out several of brenners people but passes out which brenner uses that as a opportunity to try and take eleven as the boys are pulled away by brenners men. This is when the lights start to flicker as all the blood has brought the demogorgan to them. Dr brenners men attempt to shot the creature as the boys escape with eleven to the nearest classroom. 

Whilst eleven is stil passed out on one of the classroom tables the boys try and ward off the monster by attacking with stones and a sling , in which they do manange to pin the monster to the wall. 

This is when eleven wakes up and turns to look at mike with sadness and says “goodbye mike” . She then uses every last bit of her power to blow up herself and the demogorgan. A distraught mike calls out to eleven but it’s too late, she is gone, sacrificing herself for her friends and mike. 

It’s now been a month and all the boys are playing thier role playing game at mikes house, Jonathan is also there to pick up will. We also see hopper placing eggos in a forest in a food chest, I assume he thinks eleven may still be alive. At Joyce’s house Joyce is preparing to serve Christmas dinner. Will goes to the bathroom and coughs up a slug into the sink and the room suddenly switches to the upside down for a minute. It looks like wills troubles are far from over and the upside may still be leaking into our world. 

That’s all for season 1, season 1 is true storytelling at its best and I simply cannot wait to see what’s next and judging by the awesome trailer for season 2 shown at comic con it looks like things are about to get a lot darker this season.


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