Macbook Pro Touch Bar

In a world that now includes hybrid laptops with Touch-screens, it was only a matter of time before Apple answered back and the rumour mill was in overdrive about it. As it turned out the answer was a small touch-sensitive colour screen that replaces the row of function keys (don’t worry they are still available only now they are touch sensitive). The display itself changes depending on the app that you are using. If your editing a video you can scroll through the timeline, in calendar you can flick through months, in Safari you can see your bookmarks and in messages it suggests emojis and words.
The MacBook Pro’s also have Touch ID so that you can log into your account without needing a password, you are also able to use Apple Pay in order to buy the things you want online.


Aside from the much larger trackpad the best new feature of the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro’s is the Touch Bar, it seems that the Touch Bar comes into it’s own when using apps such as Final Cut, Logic, Office or even Apple’s own Pages, Keynote and Numbers, but that should be obvious all on it’s own as this is the MacBook Pro, Pro meaning Professional and that’s where the Touch Bar shines, editing photo’s within the Photo’s app or writing a blog post in Pages or Word is made simpler when being able to just tap and use editing features on the Touch Bar.


Apple still believes that touchscreen’s work best on handheld devices like the iPhone and iPad, and they are right, with the iPhone and the iPad you can pick them up and use one hand in order to interact with content on the screen, where as the touchscreen on a computer (such as the Surface or Studio) is much more cumbersome and awkward, if you don’t believe me see the image below or try one in person and you will soon see just how frustrating a touchscreen on a computer can be, the Touch Bar is Apple’s way of adding the same functionality but in a better form, something they have been doing (and doing well) for many years!

ScreenShot2017-05-02at10.55.19AMThe question you may be asking yourself is if the Touch Bar version of the MacBook Pro is for you? well the answer is: do you require a MacBook Pro? do you edit video or audio, write a lot of blogs, are you a writer, or just about any professional that would need a MacBook Pro in the first place? if the answer to that question is yes then i would recommend the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, editing video in Final Cut Pro X is easier, writing a Pages or Word document is also much better and editing a photo in the Photo’s App or Photoshop (as demoed by Apple themselves in 2016) is smoother with the Touch Bar. If your someone who is going to be using any Pro software all day everyday then the Touch Bar is for you.




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