Spiderman: Homecoming Quick review.

The opening title hits the Marvel signature comes up and the old Spiderman Theme tune hits but in a more classical style. A nostalgia hit indeed, and for me one of the best bits and made me more pumped and look forward to what I am seeing.

One problem I had though is that I was never really looking forward to this movie, it never hit me as other films from Marvel, in recent times, like Doctor Strange or Civil War. After watching the movie I did not find myself coming out of the cinema thinking it changed my view. It was an ok movie. It was enjoyable to watch in parts.

Why, well the story was dull and pretty much predictable in nearly every dimension. But this film was put here to do one thing, bring Spiderman properly into the MCU. Integrate him properly for the two Avengers movies, two movies I am super excited for. Tom Holland was fun as Peter Parker. The villain played by Michael Keaton was just a simple villain, and fit the trend in how they are all been portrayed in the MCU, with the exception of Loki and Thanos. In this case, he played Vulture. Now everyone, myself included is waiting for Venom to finally be done properly, but that is another time.

But to sum up this movie made me leave the cinema and simply go ‘meh’. But it did its purpose of fully introducing Spiderman to the MCU like Suicide Squad introduced all those villains to the DC movie universe. Plus we saw a sneak peek at a cool looking suit he may use in the Infinity movies.


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