GOT7: Stormborn review. 

The fire gets hotter as things begin to heat up nicely. All the puzzles are beginning to slide into place for the obvious big fight for westeros. 

All of Cersei’s enemies are muscling their positions into place. Jon invited to see Daenary’s. Dorne and the Tyrells join up with her and Cersei is so desperate find solutions to her problems that she is back to willing make house turn traitor. 

The episode is drizzled with moments from previous seasons. Hot pie been back for a little moment with Arya, Jon travelling south to accept Daenarys invitation, and do not forget Arya’s wolf Nymeria. All add touching moments and reminders from the earlier seasons. 

The episode finishing off with Euron attacking the Greyjoys backing Daenarys. With Euron killing the sand snakes and Theons sister as Theon backs out of a fight. It seems they are beginning to set up that fight between the Greyjoys . It was a dark dreary scene that sums up the mood that it was meant to hold and needed to portray. Euron always coming across as this perverted, menacing man who would steep to very low levels to get what he wants. 

Overall is again continued with the hooks and bringing things together. I just wish this episode had a little more meat on it to give us something to chew on. 


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