Baby driver review 

Baby driver is a cool stylish action packed movie with a fresh soundtrack straight out of the headphones of one of baby’s many different iPods, with a stellar cast ,and some edge of your seat car chases, this is a movie not to be missed this year. 

Directed by Edgar Wright, the director that brought us Shawn of the dead, hot fuzz and the worlds end, you can expect that this is a movie that’s got the right mixture of violence with comedy and this movie gives you just and whole lot more.

Baby is the main focus of the movie, he is endearing with a boyish charm that you just cant help but love, he is rarely seen without his headphones as he uses music to drown out the ringing in his ear after a car crash he was in when he was younger,  it makes it easier for him to concentrate on driving away from the scene of the crime and he also seems to use music to make the majority of his descions. That’s not the say all the other characters arent as good because the truth is they all great characters that make this movie even better, you got Jaime foxs character bats,who seems like he got a catalogue of mental psychotic issues, then there’s doc, the mastermind behide all the heists and the man who baby works for as a getaway driver after he once stole docs Mercedes, which he then forces baby to work with him until he pays back all his debt ,whilst also utilising all of baby’s driving skills. Then there’s buddy and darling, who are the not the typical married couple, they are eccentric and are willing to kill from a whisper, if even someone even looks at her in the wrong one. 

My only issue I have is Deborah’s character (played by lily james) we really don’t know much about her other than the fact that she is a waistress at a diner and likes music, it would of been nice to know a little bit more about baby’s love intrest , and although she does seems like a sweet person it harder to connect with a character that I known very little about. Saying that it was nice to watch baby and Deborah slowly fall in love with each other and they did have some really cute moments together. 

A lot of the scenes in the movie were centred around the music, every gun shot, and explosion is timed perfectly to the music, and it includes a killer soundtrack  like the opening scene with the classic Bellbottoms by job spencer blues explosion to music like Brighton rock by queen, to Barry white , Gwen Stefani and even the beach boys. 

Baby driver is a enjoyable movie that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves fast cars and lots of action, and in my opinion is the best action movie that I have seen so far in 2017. 


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