Game of Thrones Returns: Reaction!

Game of Thrones has returned to our screens and people are generally quite happy about it, the Independent wrote that “it’s a thrill to have the show back and it looked more stunning than ever”


The first episode of series 7 was aired in the U.S on Sunday evening and in the early hours of the morning here in the U.K while viewers took to Twitter to express their excitement with a number of people claiming the show to be “one of the best ever made” with some even going as far as to say the series 7 opening episode to be one of the best and most engaging season openers, filled with great scene after great scene.


Without going into spoilers I can say that the first episode of series 7 had a satisfying opening scene and another satisfying and teasing ending scene. It’s great to see that despite heavy expectations and massive popularity Game of Thrones has constantly risen to the challenge with every past series, if this series premiere episode is any indication of whats to come then once again it will not disappoint and lord over the TV universe for yet another series.

Winter is finally here!

another writer of the blog (Rob) has written a full review of the first episode the link is below.

GOT7: Dragonstone review


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