The circle review 

Mae (Emma Watson) gets the opportunity to work at the worlds most powerful Technology and social media firm. Mae enjoys working up the ranks and soon catches the eye of the founder of the company, Eamon (Tom Hanks), that’s when she soon comes to realise that this company no privacy technology has got major implications.

Tom Hanks does a good job as the charming dad figure with a darker side to him and it was nice to see him playing a bad guy rather than what his usual roles are. Unfortunately, Emma Watson character seemed to lack a personality and a lot of her relationships with her family and friends do appear forced.

Another problem that this movie has is that it just doesn’t know what it what’s to be. It’s not thrilling enough to be a thriller, not suspenseful enough to be a horror and it’s ‘dramatic’ events are so toned down that you can’t even call it a drama.

It seems like a shame as the story is so relevant to today’s world where a lot of people are putting their whole lives online, whether that’s using Facebook live, or on snap chat, and with a movie with such a great cast like Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Karen Gillian, Ellar Coltrane, John Boyega and the late great Bill Paxton you would think this is movie that is not to be missed. Instead, we got this snore fest for a movie a big missed opportunity to create a movie that seems so relatable to the modern world but it completely misses the bar by a mile and an ending that simply falls flat on its face.


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