To the bone review 

Lily Collins and Keane Reeves star in a movie about a woman named Eileen who is suffering from an eating disorder.

I have seen some critics online describe this movie as corny and that it glamorises anorexia but having seen this movie myself  I have to disagree with them. I found this movie to be very compelling and very realistic to such a serious subject like anorexia. It shows the effects that anorexia has on a persons body with their bodies slowly shutting down and the effects it can have on a person mentally as well as physically. So many people watching this movie could easily just think ‘why doesn’t she just eat? To a person who is suffering from anorexia or ‘why doesn’t she just stop eating?’ To a person who is suffering from bulimia, but what they don’t seem to realise is an illness like anorexia and bulimia is mentally draining, the desire to be skinny and to accepted. It becomes an obsession, that takes over your whole life and your family who are only trying to help, even if it’s for selfish reasons sometimes, and wanting to see you better, sometimes only make it worse and this movie doesn’t ever shy away from any of that. Although it does seem like Eillen/Eli is better by the end of the movie is suddenly all better, the truth is she will never be completely better and there is no cure for anorexia, it’s just about taking it each day at a time.

There a few shocking scenes in this movie, one, in particular, was seeing Eillen weighing herself, it was unsettling to see her looking so painfully thin, and lily who has spoken out about dealing with anorexia has lost so much weight to play this role.

This film also displays a lot of talent, Lily completely embodied the role of Eillen, who seemed unattached from life and everyone around her, who last resort is being sent to a group home for teenagers all suffering from eating disorders with the no nonsense doctor Beckham who methods of treating his patients are very different and he challenges his patients to face their addictions head on. Alex sharp who plays Luke is a pleasure to watch as the patient who’s recovering from a knee disorder and anorexia, who is also used to be a ballet dancer, he brings some much-needed optimism to the group.

To the bone isn’t a perfect movie but it’s still a very good movie that handles that difficult subject of eating disorders in a sensitive yet realistic manner, there is no way this movie is romanticised the idea of anorexia, it is simply showing you the true danger that anorexia can have on your mind, body and your family.


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