Miss Meadows review 

She’s a homicidal Mary Poppins, talking to the birds like someone straight out of a Disney movie but with the style of a 1950s housewife. she has got all the qualities of a typical goody two shoes, she’s polite and well mannered, a substitute primary school teacher, and loves to do gardening and knitting yet she hides a dark side. She’s a secret vigilante, clearing her quiet town of all its the bad people, from a trucker who tries to hold her at gunpoint, a man trying to rob a diner to a Catholic priest who is molesting a young boy.

Although this movie has a rotten tomatoes score of only 28%, it seems like it’s a movie that has been a bit overlooked, it’s a quirky movie that does have its flaws, its main it’s few plot holes, but it’s the interesting plot and Katie Holmes character Miss meadows, who is strange and endearing, that makes the movie. It seems like this was a role that was perfect for Katie as she proves in this role that she is more than just a pretty face.

It’s obviously not a movie for everyone, they may be a few people that just don’t get it , as they never really explain in the movie why exactly she becomes a woman who is determined to rid her town of its criminals but if you can look past that they it’s certainly a really enjoyable movie to watch on a quiet afternoon. It’s one of Netflix’s many hidden gems.


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