Before I fall review 

A modern day teenage Groundhog Day sees popular student sam living out the same day over and over again, after Sam and her friends crash their car after attending a party. Sounds like a boring plot but believe me there is so much more to the story than just reliving it every day, there’s always a change each time on the route to sams discovery of the kind of person she can be and her redemption.

A lot of the bulk of the story is about bullying as well as other serious issues like suicide. Sam and her group of girl mates are your typical pretty popular girls who are all bitches, with Lindsay being the leader of the group, constantly picking on Juliet, calling her names and even getting into a fight with her. Self-centred and narcissistic, it seems as if the world has given Sam a chance to change all that and remind her that her actions and words have real consequences.

It what makes the last scenes even better as even though it does take Sam a while to figure out how to break the cycle, fleeting from anger to kindness, with a lot of confusion , that when she finally does it is a beautiful moment of pure realisation of how we all have a second chance in life to change for the better and to do something selfless.


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