Loaded – Series 1

Loaded is a series that began with a scene that almost everyone dreams of within their own lives, a man checking his bank balance religiously only for it to go from being minus seven hundred and ninety one pounds to fortune point five million pounds in credit.

This comedy drama takes a very modern approach to the get rich idea, a group of mates who basically sell their app idea for a massive three hundred million pounds.


They have splashed their fortune on Ferraris, seven million pounds on a circular mansion and several hundred pairs of Birkenstock sandals. The series could be compared to that of HBO’s Silicon Valley only this series is much more funny and much more British at the same time.
The scene stealer of the series is often Nick Helm with his funny replies and unique humour element.

As well as being funny, Loaded is also very good, the characters are well rounded and work well together.
With funny one-liners that don’t just come from the male characters “it’s like i’ve just drank a gallon of whale jizz” being a particular funny line that comes from Abi, Josh’s girlfriend after eating a lot Oysters.


The dialogue of the show is witty and funny at the same time. With the one liners that will have the most people laughing to themselves. This is a show that is able to manage dramatic moments, such as one of Lion’s old teachers having cancer and Lion paying for him to go to Switzerland in order to end his life via euthanasia or Nick Helems character who is desperate to re-connect with his mother who he hasn’t seen in years.

Different elements are explored within the show such as personal relationships, money, work, friendships and dramatic moments that help move the story and characters forward.

The series is a watch especially if you like one-liners, witty comedy that also manages dramatic elements.

All 8 episodes of Loaded are available to watch on All 4.



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