White Gold series 1

from the people that brought us the most outrageous of funny TV shows that was the Inbetweeners are now back with an entirely new TV series, White Gold, a show that it’s co-creator (Damon Beesley) doesn’t hold back when it comes to X-rated humour and language that would more than likely have your grandmother covering her ears with shame.

The show reunites with some of the Inbetweeners cast as well as welcoming Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) on board. To explain the premise, White Gold is set in 1983, inside an Essex-based double glazing showroom Cachet Windows, it focuses on the good fortunes (and the not so good) of it’s staff, led by the unscrupulous Vincent Swan. The White Gold name refers to the plastic window frames that they sell, try to imagine Wolf of Wall Street set in Essex, focusing on random white plastic window frames and throwing in a truckload of swearing, the problem is that doesn’t do it justice you really need to watch the show or at least the first episode in order to understand it’s value.


Unless you’ve been hiding under a very big rock for the last few years you are more than likely going to recognise it’s main cast of James Buckley and Joe Thomas (Jay and Simon from the Inbetweeners) both characters that aren’t against a few sneaky tricks when it comes to making a sale (watch the scene where one of them manages to resell a set of windows to a customer who’s only just brought a set of the exact same windows).

The question that’s going to be on everyone’s mind (or at least those of us who are fans of the Inbetweeners) is if i like that show will i like this one? the chances are yes you will, it features the same sort of outrageous yet hilariously funny humour as that show, sex, drugs, vomit, a lot of swearing and a VERY awkward visit to a dogging site which doesn’t go at all to plan, and that’s just in the first couple of episodes (there are 6 in total for seres 1). However if your humour is more on the general side then this series won’t be for you, but it’s a must see series for the rest of us.

White Gold

Given that the setting for the series is the 1980’s the show isn’t the most politically correct, with jokes about the Irish and other races which may well cause a few of the more politically correct individuals to raise an eyebrow, but before complaining remember that the series is set in the early 80’s and Beesley is simply showing the banter of the era, rather than that of modern times.

After the BBC published all 6 episodes in an online “box set” not long after the first episode aired it become one or the most watched UK comedy shows online. With over five million requests so far it is the second most watched comedy on BBC iPlayer this year.

The BBC have confirmed a second series will return to our TV’s in 2018, it is one that i will be looking forward to. If you haven’t yet seen the series, all 6 episodes of White Gold are available on BBC iPlayer, series 1 is also now available to buy on DVD.



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