Blair witch review 

Blair witch is the sequel to the 1999 horror movie the Blair witch project, unlike the terrible and cringeworthy follow up movie back in 2000, the book of shadows, this movie promises to bring back the nostalgia of the first movie, which terrified thier audience with thier clever marketing of the movie being ‘real’ found footage and let’s just say the audience lapped it up. 

I was a little late to watch the original in which at this point it was widely known that isn’t wasn’t real ,and was all a big campaign to get people in to cinema to watch it. So let’s just say I watched it on my small tv screen in my bedroom wondering is anything actually scary going to happen and all I got was lot of shaky camera , talking, shouting peoples names and lots of crying infront of the camera and I wasn’t very impressed. So I wasn’t holding up that much hope for this movie, this is why I waited for the movie to appear on netflix rather than going to watch it at my local cinema. 

This latest version of the movie that started off the trend of found footage  clearly has a bigger budget that its predecessor , which only cost €60,000 , as this time they got drones, better sound and a lot better camera equipment. 

As for the actual movie it is essentially more of the same thing as before, as you are watching people wonder around the woods, with a camera, in the dark, and watching the witchs victims getting taken out . The one difference is there are more of them this time, characters in which the audience are presumably meant to root for, or in my case sit and wait for them to stop thier endless talking and meet thier maker, one by one but Sadly the only character I could even connect with was James, heathers younger brother ,who was convinced his missing sister was still alive in the woods and goes searching for her, his story seems more believable as it’s his sister,  and it also nicely ties it into the first movie, but as for the other characters, ashely, peter, lane and talia, I honestly couldn’t care less about them, they were so two dimensial, even the drones were more interesting than them. I didnt mind Lisa, James girlfriend, sometimes as she didn’t seem that annoying as the other characters did. 

Now I wanna talk about the ending , so if you still not watched the movie then please do not read on. 

A lot of people like me who saw this movie want to know if that creature they briefly showed us was in fact the witch, and if it is then the whole thing of being scared of the unknown, which the first movie was so obvisly going for was ruined by literally revealing her to the viewers, there are a few other theories online that it was a previous victim and not the witch, which would make more sense than here is that witch you are scared off, therefore losing its intial scare factor. I would of also liked to have seen a least one person escape, it’s seemed like such a missed opportunity as we watch Lisa, very almost escape with her life, by turning the camera on herself so that she didn’t directly look at the witch, only to turn around when sees hears her friends voice, falling for the exact same trick that james had fell for. It seemed like a  intresting concept to have a actual person live to tell the tell but instead then went with her death and yet again all we hear are screams and the camera falling to the fall, they could of least been a bit more brave and gone with a complelty different ending which would of been a lot more shocking than the ending we did get. 

I certainly wasn’t blown away by the Blair witch, but to honest I didn’t exactly go into this movie expecting that much ,but they were a few moments that surprised me a little. Fans of the first movie will most likely enjoy this movie as it was basically just a rehash of the first movie but with a much bigger budget. It’s just not a movie that I will ever be wanting to watch again anytime soon. 


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