Wonder Woman – a review

i’d like to make one thing clear from the very start, before watching this film i had no idea who Wonder Woman was i had never read the comics (i wasn’t a comic kind of kid) nor had i been that interested in super hero movies, in fact i’m very picky when it does come to movies in general and even more so with super hero ones, my favourites being Batman the Dark Knight (and even then it’s simply because of the Joker) and Suicide Squad…..that is until now

For someone who is new to the Wonder Woman character this movie was a great introduction, it tells the viewer exactly what we need to know from the start, it doesn’t keep going back and forward in order to do so and there are (unlike the start of Batman VS Superman) no wasted scenes trying to tell the audience things they already know (seriously how many times are they going to tell us about the death of Batman’s parents).


At 2 hours and 21 minutes i hesitated to see this movie, it’s a long time to be sat in a cinema especially when your not a big super hero movie fan, but i persevered and in the end i’m glad that i did, Wonder Woman is packed with action, great CGI and even a likeable main character (which personally i find is rare in super hero movies) Princess Diana is a character that is developed throughout the film, this is interconnected with personal struggles (what movie isn’t?) and some moral questions are raised throughout.
The World War 1 feel had me worried at first but it worked the setting seemed right and my only gripe with the movie are the small and almost romantic moments between Wonder Woman and Steven Trevor (however if you like your mushy moment’s I’m sure you will love these small parts).


A good movie is a good movie, regardless of what comic book the characters are from or which studio produced it. At the end of the film i heard nothing but prise for the film even the person i went to watch the movie with said that she liked it and not being a fan of such movies in general i think it speaks volumes about what Wonder Woman was able to achieve, now that’s not to say it didn’t have it’s problems, as mentioned above there seems to be a small amount of romanic elements that some people may not appreciate, luckily they don’t dampen the story and soon pass.
People who say that the Wonder Woman costume is overly sexual and judge the movie based on that before they have even had the chance to see it are completely missing the point, is this a movie that feminists will enjoy? i’m not sure about that but what it has proven is that a woman can be just as good as the male ones (and in some cases be a lot better, yes Batman i’m looking at you, seriously it’s time to stop telling the audience about the death of your parents every chance you get, that is getting VERY old!)


What’s my take away point from this movie? don’t judge it based on what you think you know, certainly don’t judge it based on a trailer or the costume that Gal Gadot wears.

Is this movie for the Nerds/geeks and or the comic book fans? that i can’t answer simply because i have come from the perspective of someone who has never known much about Wonder Woman or even watched many super hero movies or read many comics (my favourite characters as they stand are Harley Quinn, Joker and Deadpool) but i urge people to go watch the movie then base it on what they think and have seen.

My personal rating? i will put it at 90/100 – taking away 10 for the mushy almost romanic moments.

Overall Wonder Woman is an enjoyable movie that i would gladly watch again and is certainly one i will be buying on Blu Ray upon it’s release.



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