Doctor Who Series 10 Quick Review

I write this review, immediately after watching the final episode, and given how the last few series have gone for the Moffat reign and the whole current Doctors been portrayed, I have never been a big fan of this Doctor. Hence a link to a How I would Improve the 12th Doctor just below.

How I would improve: The 12th Doctor.

But this season has had a few interesting moments, Extremis and The Pyramid at the end of the world were interesting and good episodes, with the third part of the block of episodes been the lie of the land, which had a silly feel good ending but an entertaining episode all round.


But then it had its serious low points, Knock knock, which was about as original as a fake phone you buy in China but is been marketed as an iPhone. It was dull and the subject had been done so many times I would not be surprised if people who watched could write the story themselves.

Then you had your customary who episodes like the Empress of Mars, Oxygen and The Eater of light which was episodes in the style you find in most series of Doctor who, simple, a little whacky, but fun all same. Along with the companion building episodes at the start of the season, simple but they are for one job.

The the last 2. World enough and time was a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging episode. It made you want to see more straight away, it ended on tender hooks, the only flaw, the surprise is ruined by the trailer, so if you watch the trailer you know what it coming. But it what it does do is set up the finale beautifully.


But then the finale was not up to the billing. The Cybermen threat is seemingly a second-hand issue at times until they pop up have a quick fight then everything sorts itself out afterwards. Which is generally how it goes. But then the ending itself some bits feel drawn out, others bits feel rushed. I was on the edge of my seat then I went back into a slump in my seat because what I thought was coming didn’t come and this chat with Bill, and someone I won’t ruin goes on, and the soppyness goes on and on. But given the fact everyone knows his leaving there is only one thing fans wanted to see, his regeneration. Now he fights it off, which is ok, and then the big ending hits and end credits. All of that and I do not even mention what happens to the Master, or Missy, you are welcome to choose and option, some people will be annoyed.

Yes, the Christmas episode is set up, and it is intriguing to see what happens, but given how the Cybermen were dealt with too quickly, and how quite a few fans do not have that much of an emotional connection to this Doctor, all that soppy ending with Bill never hit home and I didn’t care, much like the last few series of Doctor who that has been lead by Moffat, I do not care anymore.


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