The iPhone – 10 Years Later

It was ten years ago today, that the very first iPhone was available in US stores. At the time it didn’t look like anything special, it lacked 3G which was starting to become the standard across much of the world, the battery didn’t last a day and it only had a 2-megapixel camera. The price tag of the iPhone was (as you would expect from Apple) very high for the time at a staggering $499 and that came with a compulsory 2 year contract with AT&T and that was just for the smaller version which only came with 4GB of storage. BUT and it’s a very BIG but, it wasn’t the iPhone that was behind the times, it was very much everything else. Looking back on it now (10 years later) the change was ahead of it’s time, right from the very start, the iPhone had a full colour, multi-touch screen which came to define the modern day smartphone and a feature that everyone (yes I’m looking at you Samsung) came to copy. It even had the same basic interface that is still in use today, from pinch to zoom to the inertial scrolling on lists. It looked like nothing else, it sold a million units in a little over two months.


At the, the iPhone was simply groundbreaking for a reason, and that reason is it did what it said it would do in a simple easy way. Other phones had a psychical keyboard and needed many button presses just to navigate what should of been simple menus, Apple’s touch interface made the iPhone so much easier to use and not only that it made the iPhone a joy to use which for the time wasn’t an easy thing nor was it something you would see with other phones and other users.


The iPhone changed my life too, i got my very first iPhone for Christmas in 2008, no more was i to be frustrated with a phone like i was with previous ones. The moment i took the iPhone out of the box and pressed the power button it became ingrained into my daily life, i realised that i no longer needed to look at a book or turn on my computer (which at that point was a frustrating Windows PC) i could just use my iPhone to Google what i needed which at the time of being a college student was VERY helpful.

With each iteration the iPhone has gotten better and better, to this day i still use an iPhone, from the 3GS, 4S, 5S iPhone 6 Plus and now my current iPhone 7 Plus it continues to be the best and most used device i have, from checking emails, txt messages, playing games, taking pictures using apps, searching the web and much more the iPhone has become a device that i along with many other people across the world do not go a day without using and now with over a billion having been sold it is one of the most successful products in HISTORY! it is completely iconic and if you look at all the smartphones on the market today they all in some way are imitation or attempted improvements on the iPhone, the phone that changed phones.




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