Pretty little liars final season review (spoilers)

It’s been 7 years since pretty little liars first aired and I have been addicted to this show ever since I saw the very first episode back in 2010. I have sat through seven seasons of Hannah, Aria, Emily and Spencer basically becoming human puppets at the hands of their puppet masters , A and AD (Uber A), whilst also wondering who was the mastermind behind it ,and who really was making the liars life’s so difficult and let’s just say I was expecting something big for the final big reveal of who is AD, and after the mediocre reveal of A turned out to be CeCe/Charles, I was hoping this reveal wasn’t  going to be yet another disappointment. Turns out it was even more of a disappointment, as it is revealed that AD is……………. Alex drake, Spencer’s evil British twin.

What’s wrong with Alex Drake being AD?

Surely I am not the only one who is sick of this evil twin storyline , first we had Mary drake who was Jessica’s evil twin, and now this, it’s such a cop out and how am I supposed to believe that a character that I have never met, till now, is really AD. The writers claimed that this ending had been in the pipeline for a while yet we have never even heard of her , and so many fans of the show on twitter had already guessed who AD was, based on a guess, long before the final episode,  making its biggest reveal even less effective and very anticlimactic.


Elliot always seemed to be too good to be true, at first glance he seems like a very kind man, who seemed to adore Alison, yet in reality he was only there to drive Alison to insanity for the death of his true love of his life, Charlotte, and he named wasn’t even Elliot , his real name was Archer Dunhill, posing as a doctor and seemed to have more issues than the all the liars put together. This is what makes his death scene so much more satisfying, after torturing Alison the way he did, karma proved she really is a bitch and ran him down, even though poor Hannah had to witness his bloody face sprawled across her window shield, which is a scene that truly is the stuff of nightmares.

Who killed Charlotte? 

Another mystery from season 6 that needed to be solved was who killed Charlotte/Cece drake and we got to find out this season that it was in fact, mona. After fighting with charlotte at the top of the bell tower, Charlotte got impaled by a sharp piece of metal in which mona then threw Charlotte dead body over the bell tower, she then also placed a black rose in her hand. This does make sense as mona didn’t intentionally go to the bell tower to kill charlotte, she went there only to scare her, as all mona has ever wanted from the liars was their approval and to be part of their group and this to me proved she would do anything to protect them.

Alison’s pregnancy 

There was a big twist in Alison’s pregnancy when it turned out that Alison wasn’t pregnant with archers baby but in fact, she was carrying Emily’s baby, from Emily stolen eggs from a previous season, but the big question was who was the baby’s daddy?

Thankfully that question was answered in the final episode when thanks to Alex she revealed that the twins baby daddy was Wren.

I have to say I wasn’t ever the fan of emison, and I did think that they brought Emily and Alison together this season just because it pleased a lot of the fans to see them finally together. I always thought that they forced their relationship just because fans loved emison but they did grow on me after a bit, their relationship started to feel more real and honest and they did make a cute couple, although Hannah and Caleb are still my favourite couple.

Questions that will never be answered? 

A lot of questions have been answered over the years and in this final season but there are a few from previous seasons and this season that has not been explained and sadly probably never will be. Here are a few of them.

  • How did the moms even escape that basement?
  • Why did Ian kill himself?
  • What did Maya know that got her killed?
  • Who shot Spencer?
  • Who was the ‘beach hottie’?
  • How the hell did Alex find the time or money to build a whole underground dungeon?
  • Why was Melissa skulking around and what was her involvement in AD schemes
  • How did Mona get Alex and Mary out of jail and hold them captive in France without the police noticing?

Overall thoughts of the final season 

This season overall has been average, don’t get me wrong it’s had its good moments like archers death, Ezra’s proposal to aria, Halebs very low key wedding, emision, the board game that AD makes to find out who killed charlotte but unfortunately this season for me was ruined by its biggest secret, who is AD?

Pretty little liars fans are the most patience fans and yet we have waited this long for AD to be an unknown character. It was a letdown and disappointing final reveal.


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