Supernatural season 12 review 

The return of Mary Winchester

I was a little hesitant at first ,when I saw Mary ,back from the dead in the finale last season, I wasn’t sure whether it would destroy supernaturals original story ,back where it all began with her ultimately death ,and the sole reason for John Winchester’s quest to find the demon that took away the love of his life ,and what turned dean and sam into the path of becoming hunters.

To my surprise it actually worked out really well,  giving the Winchester family more depth ,without destroying their legacy. It was refreshing to see that they didn’t just fall straight back into a normal family as soon as Mary was brought back into their lives ,but instead we get to see the tensions between them, especially between Dean and his mother, that’s also a sense of resentment in the air as it’s clear Dean loves his mom ,but struggles to forgive her for leaving them and sending their dad on the path of self-destruction. Sam is a lot more understanding of what his mother is about ,and finds it a lot easier than dean to bond with their mother, but we do get a powerful and emotional scene between Mary and Dean in which Dean lays it’s all out the table about how he feels about his mother’s recent return.

British men of letters

We first see these bunch of douchebags when they are torturing Sam in what appears to be a basement. I have to say I was very unimpressed with how cliqued the characters were. It seems to appear as if the Americans think the British are all either posh snobs or Irish as if life in Britain is like an episode of Downtown Abbey.   I do get why the writers chose to bring in the British into the men of letters as it does expand the men of letters storyline ,but it was the weakest story this season. It was uninteresting, with characters who had no substance and it just didn’t really work for me. I was just expected more of a show that has always kept me on my toes as far as storylines go to give me something more than a bland story ,with characters that I couldn’t care less about ,and a mediocre background story of a school that looks like they are trying to create psychopaths rather than hunters. I also do not understood their motive to kill all the American hunters, surely they realise that all hunters are on the same team and are all just trying to rid the world of evil.

Lucifer and Rosemary’s baby

Lucifer is back ,and is eventually back in his old vessel (played by the brilliant Mark Pellegrino), and this time he got he very own spawn of the devil on the way, a baby boy , when he impregnates a woman named Kelly and it soon becomes a race to stop the worlds most powerful baby from being born ,and destroying all of mankind. Things get even more complicated when Castiel takes Kelly and her unborn child under his wings which means sam and dean have to trust that Castiel is making the right decision, and let’s face it, Castiel has had much luck lately and has been making one bad decision after another ,so it begs the question that can Castiel really save this child from a life of evil and make him the saviour of earth rather than the destroyer? Even though Lucifer is not going to give up his first born child without a fight.

The death of Crowley and Castiel

The death of Crowley was a shock, I honestly thought that Crowley’s final moments would be one of him going down in a blaze of glory ,but it turns out he dies after sacrificing himself to take down the one person he hates the most, Lucifer ,and it was fantastic. Sadly if you’re wondering if Crowley will ever return to his role of the king of hell then you will be disappointed as Mark Shepard himself has confirmed that his death in season 12 is his final scene in supernatural.

As for Castiel, it’s was sad to see him go down like that as he is one the good guys, but as everyone knows about supernatural is that some characters have a habit of coming back from the dead and I have a feeling that this isn’t the last we have seen of our favourite angel, Castiel.

Good parts of season 12

  • Lucifer is back as his usual cocky self
  • Mary Winchester is a bad ass hunter who would do anything to protect her boys
  • We meet new interesting characters like Alicia and max
  • We find out more about Castiel past as an angel, like his previous vessel in which Castiel is a woman
  • We get to see a very funny episode in which Dean becomes forgetful ,which injects more humour into this season

Bad parts of season 12

  • They killed of Rowana ,who like Crowley ,will be another character who will be sorely missed
  • The season needed more scenes in which Mary is fighting alongside her boys, especially as this is a show that thrives off what’s the most important for sam and dean, and that’s family.
  • They brought back for a bit, Bobby in the season finale as I much as I love Bobby character in the show I do think they should put his character to rest now and leave him in peace.
  • The British men of letters took up way too much of the story in this season, that story should of ended earlier than it did and just concentrated on what supernatural does best ,and that’s the monsters ,and dean and sam kicking ass and taking names.

Favourite episodes of the season

  • Keep calm and carry on (episode 1)
  • Regarding dean (episode 11)
  • Stuck in the middle (with you) (episode 12)
  • Ladies drink free (episode 16)
  • Twigs and twine and Tasha banes (episode 20)
  • Who we are (episode 22)
  • All along the watchtower (episode 23)

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