E3 2017

Well, the briefings are done, wrapped up and the announcements pretty much made. Now the dissection begins, what looked good, what impressed, what got the crowd off their feet, what poor, what makes us want more. Well, I hope to help with what I think hit all those spots, and what missed the mark completely.

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First, the company that no one likes, and seem to have an ego so big they think they redo E3 on their own with EA play.

To put it simply, unless you are a multiplayer lover this show is not for you. I almost fell asleep watching this show, that includes the 2nd and 3rd attempts. We had the usual suspects, and pretty much nothing else. The presenting was so bad I was either been induced to a coma or just wanted to turn off the screen and go watch something more entertaining. So pretty much same old same old for EA.




Strong opening with the announcement of Project Scorpio, now named Xbox one X, which is a damn better name than the poorly named PS4 Pro, and actually can do 4K, unlike the PS4 Pro. They used Forza 7 as its way of showcasing it, and hell it may have gotten a pre-order from me, stunning is the word for it. Several other games got shown in 4K, Minecraft been one, Sea of Thieves another, and others were shown in 4k.

More details on Shadow of War and Anthem, which got a slight announcement in EA play. But the biggest announcement and the announcement that was the biggest throughout E3 was the announcement of original Xbox games comes to backwards compatibility. So unless you own a PC I hope Microsoft makes Elder Scrolls 3 one of the first games on that list so Elder Scrolls fans can play Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim on their Xbox ones, tantalising.



Now given I just wrote above how much I hated EA play, unfortunately, I have to be equally if not more horrible about this one.

Barring The Evil Within 2 trailer, and Wolfenstein 2 this briefing was an absolute waste of my time. The may as well of just slotted these in a little segment in Microsofts briefing or Sony’s. It lasted no longer than 40 minutes, we had a trailer for Skyrim, again, but this time coming to switch, but given this game is now 6 years old, and fans of Elder Scrolls games have played it done everything pretty much and moved on it is starting to get tedious. Doom and Fallout VR, which I have zero interest in at all, and given how VR has not massively taken off, won’t be too many people. The on top of that we had some video about ESO but no actual substance to go with it, and given it is half way through its 5-year cycle I was half expecting some announcement of stuff coming out for the remainder of the year. Then to cap off the pointlessness Elder Scrolls Legends has some extra cards.



Kicking off with Mario and Rabbids, a bit of fun, something that is not really up my street, but a bit of fun that the younger generation can get into.

But it the release date of Assassins Creed: Origins, it looks good, I am interested in it after I catch up with Unity and Syndicate. More details of what is actually in the game and what is available to do would be interesting.

One major disappointment is the lack of substance for the new South Park game, just one little vignette to it, and the new release date for it, but will it stick to that release date, we will see. Farcry 5 certainly grabbed my attention and seems like a game I maybe into, given I not played any of them so far, which could be a shock to those who know me, given I love a game with a great story and characters.

But back to the bad stuff, Skull & Bones looks literally ripped out of Assassins Creed Black Flag, slapped on a few new skins and will be sold back to everyone at £50. Well done to Ubisoft for the seeming lazy ideas on that game. More Steep which looked poor last year and still does and The Crew 2 which appeared to have graphics that resembled more like GTA from an Xbox 360. But it did end in a lovely Cinematic trailer for the long-awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2.



All games, yes some VR games, with yet another Skyrim trailer, a 6-year-old game gets 2 trailers at E3 2017. However, games like God of War and Detroit look like games that are surely lacking on the Xbox one, as Microsoft seem to rather hit the multiplayer market rather than bring out games that focus on single player engaging stories. Though Code Vein was given a trailer during the Microsoft Briefing. But God of War and Detroit will entice Xbox gamers over to PS4, as will the Spiderman exclusive, which got some gameplay shown.

Call of Duty got a trailer, which is boring and I hate that game series, and sp did Destiny 2, both expected. But this Briefing was filled with lots of trailers, and little gameplay which was the biggest issue. That is not going into Final Fantasy 15 fishing VR, yes I said fishing.  But overall some highlights and some not so interesting segments, but not a whole disappointment from Sony.


Overall, it is hard to put E3 2017 into a category of good or bad. It had its up and down. But to put it as simple as possible:

On your feet announcement: Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility.

Best Looking game: Forza 7

Most pointless Briefing: Bethesda- may as well not bother showing up.

Most annoying thing: Both Skyrim trailers. Leave it, alone guys, you’re now beginning to ruin a fantastic game.

Most curious game: Farcry 5 and Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Anthem

Most sleep inducing Briefing: EA

Game most likely to make me switch from Xbox: God of War and Detroit

Best Briefing: Just Microsoft.


There was my take on E3 2017. Enjoyable, some games will be brought, like Forza 7, maybe Anthem. Assassin’s Creed and possibly Farcry 5, and maybe some more once more detail shows up.

One final thing please put Tales of Vesperia on Backwards Compatibility Microsoft.


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