Orange is the new black season 5 

Season 5 plot summary

At  end of season 4 we see Daya pointing the gun that prison guard, Hump, had brought into the prison straight at him and surrounded by a load of other inmates and we were left wondering whether she shoot him or not? Well we didn’t have to wait that long to find out as season 5 jumps straight into it and picks out exactly where we left it and what follows are the result of a 3 day prison riot with a list of demands given by the Lichfield inmates. 

Concept for season 5

It seems like the writers for this season took  a complelty different approach to all the other seasons by basing all 13 episodes on the events that unfolded over just 3 days.  This concept does work for the most of the season as it gives the writes the opportunity to flesh out some of the other characters and a chance to really tell the whole story but I can’t help but think that 13 episodes may of been too long as some of the episodes seemed less together than others. 


One of the best things about this season was one character in particular, Taystee. From all her grief and pain of losing her best friend, Poussey, in the end of last season, which to be honest I am still in shock about, Taystee manages to use all her rage over her friends tragic death for good and for justice and she never once gives up. I really admired her strength  and her passion for fighting for what’s right. 

Suzanne (Crazy eyes)

Suzanne Is also a stand out this season. She has always had the ability to tug at your heartstrings one moment and then drive you crazy the next, she is also one of the funniest characters in my opinion. Watching her fall down like that because of the loss of her medication, due to the poor judgment of Lorna, and all her routines being messed up, sending her into a spiral really was heart wrenching to watch. 

Alex and Piper

Alex and piper were also used sparingly this season which was a good thing as Alex spent most of her screentime moaning and whining so I was glad that this season wasn’t also about them ,as they are slowly becoming the least intresting characters of orange is the new black. 


I really did not enjoy the flashbacks this season as I found them to be very boring and didn’t seem to mesh well with the season ,as other previous seasons have. I personally think that should either scrap the flashbacks all together or at least give us some more intresting flashbacks for next season, instead of the bland ones we got this season. 


I also wasn’t a fan of how they turned a strong Russian woman like Red into a bumbling mess, accidentally high on what she thought was vitamins, hell bent on taking down Piscatella. It was clear she was in way over her head with him and I didn’t see the level headed ,fierce mothering figure I have come to know and love, it seems as if her character got lost somewhere in the riot. 

Season 5 overall 

I’m gonna say overall this season was good, not the best season , but still good. The first half of the season seems to be the weakest as it seems all over the place but the last three episodes do make up for that as it’s everything you would expect from a prison riot, it’s intense and terrifying. 


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