The Flash Season 3 Review

Excited, thrilling, thoroughly enjoyable, very much all of those descriptions can be used to describe the previous 2 seasons of this television show. Why, because they simply are enjoyable, they exactly the reason why DC TV shows have worked a lot more than the movies have, the time to flesh out the characters of heroes and villains. But can season 3 follow the previous 2 seasons footsteps and enter my shrine. Let us find out.


The main story is once again crafted, paced and well written. The villain has a reason, motive and is well thought through and delivered. Savitar has been this season big baddie, yes it is again another speedster, but given how season 4 appears to not be a speedster we can forgive them. But it makes sense this season, and for things that were teased throughout this season that could happen in the future, Devoe been one of those things, which is who a lot of people think is the big baddie in season 4. But using Savitar as the baddie made sense, it uses Barry’s own powers as to why he should reign them in a little and sets up more ahead.

Grodd returned a lovely 2-part episode, that despite been pretty predictable was still fun to watch, and see him again. Obviously, him been a big baddie for a season is going to happen, his too big of a threat and a bit of a fan favourite when it comes to Flash villains. But a nice nod to Gorilla City and the much more utilising of the other Earths, in general, this season. Allows them to slowly evolve the speed force and other Earths, and what happens on them. Just hope we see Supergirl on Earth one permanently soon, but not too soon.

The evolution of the side characters, barring Harrison Wells, more later, was fun. Cisco seeing his powers develop, Caitlin having to fight the Killer Frost within her and Wally developing his powers. All made you interested in what happened to them, what they find out next and how far they can push in order for them to develop their little Justice League, but not called Justice League, I just wish they could call it that. Obviously, this is all winding up to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, which could be where Supergirl joins Earth One permanently.



As I mentioned some of the side stories before, a lot of them are degenerating into the same trap that befell Arrow. Too many relationships story lines. We do not mind one or two extra if done right. But this season virtually everyone on the team had a relationship story line. Cisco with Gypsy, Caitlin and Julian, Jesse and Wally, hell even Joe and the DA. It is simply too many on top of Iris and Barry, and to makes matters worse they all go in the same way, they hook up they have a falling out they patch things up they fall out again they make back up again. Dump some of these relationship story lines and move onto something more original. If I wanted to watch people hooking up I can go watch some teeny bop TV show.

Some of the episodes this season, mainly due to the above, didn’t feel as well thought through and fully utilised, hell even some of the characters we met could have been used better. H.R Wells, or H. R as he wanted to be called simply was annoying at times, besides the end, he became stale and did the same things over and over again. Having the trial by combat and then Gypsy giving up, despite it been made clear it was to the death felt stupid and pointless and we knew neither was dying. More could have been used with the headlines seen in the vibe, and even Magenta, of which we meet early on was not seen from again, but obviously, she could return later on.

The only issue I have with Savitar was nothing to do with his character, but his armour, as times it looked cheap like it was made by some school class project. The CGI effects used to make him appear faster and adding the wormhole sort of effects, looked very cheap, and at times broke the immersion into the show. I do not expect to be perfect, it’s TV, they do not have the budgets of films, but it could have been better.



It was enjoyable, but it was not without its flaws. Flashpoint could have been spread out a lot more than the one episode it received before Barry tried to reset it. Yes, we had issues afterwards but generally, it had one episode and then it was done and dusted. But episodes like the invasion angle, which went over the Flash and Arrow aswell as Legends of Tomorrow was fun and I hope for another big cross over event next season. But it is obvious they are been used to test them out until we reach Crisis on Infinite Earths. Duet was lovely episode that added something different to the season, and more of the Music Meister in a future episode, or even a nice 2 parter on him soon.

There is more I could waffle on about, but it will still lead to the same conclusion that I had mentioned already. Yes this season had its fun and enjoyable moments and episodes. But it lacks in areas the last 2 season were better in. Yes season 1 is still the best but season 2 has the Runaway Dinosaur episode to make up for it. This season lacked that moment to make up for its shortcomings, of too many relationship story lines.

But this isn’t like Arrow Season 3 that made me worry for future things, I still very much look forward to The Flash season 4, unlike Arrow which I did not have the same feeling for after season 3 had concluded.


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