Empire season 3 review

Ever since this shows second season aired this show has been losing a bit of its charm and season 3 whilst still a decent season seems lost it’s way at bit and doesn’t seem to hold up to the high standards of the first season, which demonstrated the pressure of being in the hip hop business whilst also adding the tension and all the family issues in such a impressive way. 

Season 3 does still include a few catchy tunes as we have all come to expect from empire, one in particular that I liked was played the world, a song by a new character, Tory ash, played by Rumer Wills. she really did take me by surprise as I really did not know that she could sing like that. 

There also a fantastic scene between lucious and cookie which includes cookie waving around a baseball bat like a woman on a mission, a mission to hurt lucious for making her feel like everything she has ever done for him didn’t matter. It’s a reason why cookie is one of the best characters in the show, shes not a woman to be messed with but she is also a fighter, who would do anything to protect her family and Seeing her verbally destroy lucious ,whilst destroying his most prized possessions ,was extremely satifsifying to watch ,and it made for one of the best scenes of the season.


The one problem though that this season did have was some of the plots this season seemed messy ,and a little all over the place. The death of Andres wife, Rhonda was glossed over very quickly and cookies new man, Angelo, seems not very fleshed out as a character, he seemed like he was only there to serve as pawn between lucious and cookie reuniting and to annoy lucious. The whole Tariq storyline seemed to also drag out a lot and it took away from the more intresting parts of the season, like the scenes with include lucious mom, leah, who I hope we get to see more of next season as she is a complicated and complex character as we saw in season 2 and in season 3. 

I would say it is fair to say that season 3 has had its issues , plot wise especially ,but overall was still a good season and I have to admit I really do enjoy watching the Lyon family tear each other down a peg or two, there a family who revel in the drama and it’s so fun to watch. It is safe to say I will continue to watch the new season especially to see what’s next for lucious, who has no memory of anything including who the love of his life is. 

Empire is a show that does the dramatic cliffhanger endings so well, and it defenitely makes  you want to see what happens next, and this season ended in such a explosive way  that almost took out one of empire’s biggest players. 

What’s your next move Lyons? Your only as strong as your next move. 


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