The Fate of the Furious review 

I have loved watching these films from the very first film, the fast and the furious back in 2001 when I fell in love with their cool cars, fast car races and most importantly the characters. Since then their newest additions to the long running series has now elevolved to big over the top stunts and this latest film is no exception to that as it includes a stunt that involves a big subermarine on ice which leaves for some spectacular viewing. 

There a quite a few good scenes that I enjoyed watching in this movie, like the prison fight scene between Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Ian shaw (Jason Statham) , meeting Ian’s mother played the brilliant helen mirren. You can tell watching this movie that Dwayne ,Jason and kurt Russell had a blast filming this movie, I did enjoy watching Luke Hobbs and Ian shaw exchange insults. Those 3 characters for me were the standout characters of this movie, I felt like a lot of the other characters fell a bit on the wasteside, even doms characters felt a little disconnected and really wasn’t that intresting. Sadly we no longer have Paul walkers character, Brian o Conner, as we sadly lost Paul walker to a tragic accident, so the film does rest solely on Dwayne Johnsons shoulders, which he certainly pulls it off.

Now I want to talk about the ‘big baddie’ in this movie , Cipher, played by Charlene Theron. She seemed more like a over the top Bond villain and I just didn’t buy her as a super villain. All she ever does is stomp around a bit and use weapons to manulpulate people to do what she wants them to do, in which any villain could, except they would do with it with a little bit more menace, as a villain is someone who should be terrifying and Cipher was definitely not that. 

The bigger question is was this movie as good as the others?, and the answer to that question is no but I can tell you it’s not as bad as tokyo drift. It does have a lot of good things going for this movie but it does also have a few flaws to it too. Yes it does have its fancy cars, the crazy stunts, plenty of action sequences and a decent plot but I felt as if it didn’t quite live up to its other more decent films in the franchise. 


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